California Pro-Life Advocates Renew Campaign Against State Abortion Funding

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 27, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

California Pro-Life Advocates Renew Campaign Against State Abortion Funding

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
May 27
, 2008

Sacramento, CA ( — Pro-life advocates in California hope to breathe new life into a campaign to get the state out of funding the abortion industry. They are planning a mid-June rally on the steps of the state capital to draw attention to the $33 million California spends on funding abortions.

Wynette Sills of the Coalition to Eliminate Abortion Funding, tells the historical "Rally for Life" event is a way to renew a campaign that seems to have lost its motivation.

Every year, pro-life advocates have tried to amend the state budget to remove the funding for as many as 95,000 abortions annually. That’s about 8 percent of the total number of abortions done nationwide — and all paid for at the expense of California taxpayers.

"Enough is enough," Sills told

"We will no longer be unwilling accomplices to this tragedy through our tax dollars, especially during this time of budget deficit conditions, when our teachers are being laid-off, libraries and parks are closing, senior citizens must go without their prescriptions, heathcare to needy families is being cut, and our public safety is at risk," she explained.

"Surely, our limited tax dollars can be better utilized to truly help the needy of our great state, rather than further subsidize the abortion industry," Sills added.

The abortion funding comes through Medi-Cal reimbursements and Sills explains that about 25 percent of the money goes back to Planned Parenthood abortion centers.

After the rally, Sills says pro-life advocates will meet with lawmakers to thank those who have worked hard to stop abortion funding and then lobby those who have traditionally supported it.

She also hopes to get pro-life Democrats, Hispanics, African-Americans and others involved to have a greater impact.

The California Catholic Conference has emailed an alert to its supporters encouraging support for the event.

“California faces a looming state deficit and massive cuts to Medi-Cal and Temporary Aid to Needy Families programs that support children and mothers,” the email read.

"Yet abortion services — particularly those offered through Planned Parenthood — remain fully funded. Advocates from around the state will gather in Sacramento on Wednesday, June 18, to ask lawmakers why," the pro-life group said.

The rally begins at 11:30 a.m.