Contractor Exits Building New Portland Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 8, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Contractor Exits Building New Portland Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
May 8
, 2008

Portland, OR ( — The main building firm that had been behind the construction of a massive new Planned Parenthood abortion center has pulled out, but not because it’s been persuaded the center shouldn’t be built. Walsh Construction had been deluged with local protests for months before recently quitting the job.

The construction company says local developers and Planned Parenthood are apparently planning to act as their own general contractors for the remainder of the building.

Andrew Beyer, project manager for Walsh, told the Catholic Sentinel newspaper that construction will go ahead and that his firm would have been happy to help complete the abortion center.

“We were prepared to work with them on it,” Beyer said. He had previously called the abortion center an important project in the redevelopment of Northeast Portland.”

Bill Diss, the head of Precious Children of Portland and one of the leaders in protesting the construction of the new center, told the Catholic newspaper he’s pleased Walsh is no longer affiliated with it.

“It was a nice thing that Walsh got out. The battle still goes on,” he said and credited prayer and protests for helping end its involvement.

The tactic of trying to get building firms to get out of constructing an abortion business follows other attempts in Austin, Denver and other large cities to get builders and contractors to bow out of participating.

Diss has also been getting pro-life people to contact the Portland City Council, the Portland Development Commission and Portland Mayor Tom Potter.

Diss previously said he and local residents are worried the abortion business is targeting black residents.

"Planned Parenthood wants to move and enlarge their headquarters and abortion center from an area in southeast Portland with a black population of about 1% and place it in the King neighborhood that has a black population of about 43%," he explains.

"Portland only has an overall population of about 6% Blacks. Planned Parenthood will reduce this number even more with their new facility," Diss says.

He also complains the Portland Development Commission betrayed the interests of the local ethnic community it was support to promote.

"The PDC is supposed to assist local and minority owned businesses for the long-term sustainable growth of Portland. Instead, PDC is using taxpayer resources to help Planned Parenthood, an international, multi-million dollar organization," he says.

Planned Parenthood’s abortion business is growing and its leaders want to move its large center to a part of Portland where city officials had been hoping to revitalize a formerly run-down area.
Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette initially said it would open a new abortion center with more than 140 employees.

David Greenberg, president of the abortion business, told the Oregonian that it’s moving because it’s experiencing more funding and more demand for its family planning services and has run out of space at its current location in the Southeast part of town.

Rev. LeRoy Haynes Jr., pastor at the nearby Allen Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, previously said the black community in Portland isn’t happy about having a Planned Parenthood there.

"If they would bring a clinic that does abortions, that would be a big issue in our community," he told the Oregonian newspaper. "It is a moral, faith-based issue to me."

Last year, Oregonians voted against a parental involvement proposal by a 54-46 percentage margin after Planned Parenthood outspent pro-life advocates 3-1 and flooded the airwaves with a misleading television commercial.

But, thanks to efforts from Oregon Right to Life and crisis pregnancy centers, abortions in Oregon are down to their lowest levels since 1998, having decreased 20 percent between then and 2004, the latest year from which state data is available.

The Oregon Department of Human Services reported 14,344 abortions in 1998, but that number decreased to 11,443 abortions in 2004.

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