Time for Pro-Life Advocates in Belize to Stand Up to Legalized Abortion

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 1, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Time for Pro-Life Advocates in Belize to Stand Up to Legalized Abortion

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by Justin Nelson
May 1, 2008

LifeNews.com Note: Justin Nelson is the head of LifeFront International, a pro-life group that began as a local organization in Kansas City, Missouri. After moving to Belize, a Central American nation, Nelson continued the group as a national pro-life outreach to end legal abortions there.

Right now somewhere in Belize a baby is being murdered. No police will come to save him or her and it won’t be reported on the news. No one will lift a finger to save this poor child from being ripped limb from limb, and no one will do anything when it happens to the next one, and to the next, and to the next.

Welcome to the world of abortion! Where children are literally torn apart in what should be the safest, most nurturing place on earth — their mother’s womb — by the very people who should be protecting them — their mothers, fathers and doctors. Is there anything more unnatural than mothers and fathers of little children paying “doctors” to kill them?

Abortion has ripped my home country, the United States, apart and we hear nothing about it. In the United States on September 11th 2001 more than 3,000 people were killed in a terrorist attack when the Twin Towers collapsed. It was all you saw on TV, all you heard on the radio, and there were memorials built for these victims. They called it the worst day in American history.

Over 4,000 babies are killed in the United States every day and we hear nothing. Where is the news coverage? Where are the memorials?

In five years of war in Iraq 3,000 US troops have been killed and all we hear is that the cost is too great that we can’t lose another life for this war. In that same amount of time 6,387,500 babies have been murdered in the United States and what have you heard about it? 6,000,000 Jews were killed in WWII by the Nazis.

There are memorials all over the place and the world vowed never let anything like that happen again. Since abortion has been legal in the United States over 40,000,000 children have been killed. The world vows that “reproductive rights” will be extended to every woman.

Nothing comes close to the death toll of abortion. All of the deaths from all of the wars that have ever happened added together do not add up to the amount of children killed in one country alone in the last three decades from abortion.

This same horror is now legal in Belize. Most Belizeans don’t even know.

The United Nations and foreign governments are paying for the slaughter of Belize’s children. The Belize Family Life Association (BFLA) assists this. They talk confused, scared women into getting abortions that destroy their children and their own lives.

These poor women are told lies about how the choice to kill their children is a “right,” how the miracle they carry in their wombs isn’t really alive, how it is the best thing for them to destroy “it.”

I challenge anyone to look at www.abort73.com and tell me that “it” isn’t a living human being, that he or she isn’t a beautiful gift from God. Read the stories of women who were talked into abortions and who regret it every day of their lives.

Our goal is to end abortion, to end the killing of defenseless children in the womb. The laws of Belize don’t protect the most innocent and we need to work to change them. They won’t change overnight, but we must educate in order to change one woman’s mind, to save one child right now. We need to help prevent women from making a mistake that they will regret for the rest of their lives.

Ending abortion is not just something we can do, it is something we must do.

Some may say the job is too big and we are too few. Some will ask “How can something like that happen?” It can happen because of God!

Starting with only 12 apostles Jesus has given Christianity to billions of people. We can go to any Catholic church any day and meet Christ because of what He started with those 12 men. Why is this any different? Does anyone doubt that God wants abortion to end? Those 12 men answered God’s call despite the odds and so must we.
God always gives the grace and opportunity to overcome evil. The question is, “What are you going to do with it?” Are you going to answer His call? If He can give the Faith to billions in every corner of the earth using average men, why can’t He save lives and end abortion through us?

A few hours of work per month can help bring children to birth that otherwise would never have seen the light of day. God can keep a child alive and save a women’s soul through us if we let Him. Imagine at the end when time gives way to eternity being greeted by some of the children you helped to save, and seeing their children, and their children’s children. Imagine the great joy of seeing the thousands of souls that could be in Heaven for eternity due to you giving a few hours a month and allowing God to work through you.

Christ told us that whatever we do or do not do to the least of His brethren we do to Him. When I stand before Him at the end of my life, I don’t want to have Him ask me, “Where were you when I was aborted?”

Please call your area representatives and tell them you don’t want your children murdered.

If you would like additional information or to help this effort email: BelizeProlife @ gmail.com