Yeoman’s Work — How a Pro-Life Doctor Overcomes Abortion With Truth

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 24, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Paul Nowak Staff Writer
March 24, 2008

As an OB/GYN, Dr. William Lile will take part in the miracle of birth more times than many of us will ever get to witness it. Medical practitioners in Dr. Lile’s specialty have been immensely important to the pro-life cause for providing insight and information into the science and awe-inspiring wonders of pregnancy and birth.

However, Dr. Lile is also aware of the terrible truth that it is his peers who perform most of the abortions in the U.S., and he is going the extra mile to let the truth be known about God’s miracle of life and abortion’s brutality.

The face of evil

Although his respect for the sanctity of life began in childhood, Dr. Lile received a new perspective on abortion during his medical training when he came face to face with peers who had succumbed to the temptation of easy money.

During his residency at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola and the University of Florida, Dr. Lile was asked by abortionist Bo Bagenholm what he believed happened to aborted babies. Professing his belief in the soul, God’s mercy and the infants’ innocence, Dr. Lile said he believed they were welcomed into heaven.

"He told me, ‘I’ve sent more souls to heaven than most people, according to your religion,’" recalled Dr. Lile. "There was no guilt."

"In my opinion my peers initially get involved with abortions for the quick money, and then it becomes a matter of ego," added Dr. Lile. "I find it amazing how these people are put on a pedestal, and thanked by other doctors for doing a procedure they are uncomfortable doing

From death into life

After completing his residency in 1999, Dr. Lile began looking for a practice. As it turned out, a practice near Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola was available – Bo Bagenholm’s practice, complete with a second-floor surgical abortion facility. At the time, the practice was the third-largest provider of abortions by volume in Escambia County.

Dr. Lile and his partner arranged to purchase the practice, including all of the equipment and retention of the staff. The purchase included a no-compete agreement that forbade Bagenholm from practicing medicine within the tri-county area around Pensacola for two years.

On the first day under the new ownership, Dr. Lile and his partner announced to their employees, who had previously been involved in the practice’s abortion services, that not only would they no longer provide abortion, but referral of women to other abortion businesses would be grounds for termination. On that day, a 20-year legacy of death in the building was ended.

Turning abortionists’ tools against them

Dr. Lile still remembers going up to the second floor surgical center for the first time.

"It was one of the most chilling feelings I have ever had," he said, recalling the day he first saw the table, suction machine and tools together where so many lives had been taken. "There was a palpable feeling of coldness."

"My goal had been to stop the practitioner," said Dr. Lile. "But it was then I realized that God can take anything and use it for good."

Today, in addition to serving his patients at his practice Dr. Lile makes time to use that same equipment in a presentation he calls God’s Miracle of Life, which he has given across the country over the past several years.

The presentation uses in-vitro video and ultrasounds to show audiences the development of the child in the womb. Dr. Lile also explains how advances in medicine have even made prenatal surgery a reality. In particular, he discusses the case of "Baby Samuel," the subject of the famous photo of a 21-week old unborn child holding a surgeon’s finger during a prenatal operation to correct spina bifida.

With the wonders of the womb still fresh in the audience’s mind, Dr. Lile then takes those same abortionist’s tools that were used by their previous owner to take lives, and uses them to give bloodless demonstrations of just how abortions are done. The steps and instruments of death involved in first-, second- and third-trimester abortions — including the infamous partial-birth abortion procedure — are shown to the audience and explained.

His unique presentation exposes the risks, lies and dangers of abortion, such as the complexity of a partial-birth abortion which has been claimed as a "life saving" procedure by its practitioners, and the suction machine’s ability to crush a steel can—a can so strong it could support a grown man standing on it.

"What I’ve found is there are those who are pro-life and those who are pro-abortion," explains Dr. Lile. "We need to target those in the middle who are undecided."

He adds that his presentation makes his audience aware of the blatant murder and brutality of abortion, by letting them see the miraculous design of the child in the womb contrasted by the cold, harsh methods of their destruction.

"They can then put two and two together," said Dr. Lile.

While the demands of his practice limit his availability to speak to groups in person, Dr. Lile’s presentation has been produced on DVD that is available from He also maintains a web site,, and his demonstration of a partial-birth abortion has been posted on YouTube and Google Video for the public to view for free.

Dr. Lile’s accomplishments as a pro-life advocate and doctor ended up exceeding what he had originally set out to do.

He encourages those with whom he shares his experiences to use the information they have been given to educate others. In particular, he directs those looking to get involved to volunteer at pregnancy resource centers, which provide information, counsel and resources to women who are most in need of such support.

"The reason we use so much video is because it is your generation that is so tuned into learning things when you see them," Dr. Lile tells his audience of high school students in the DVD presentation.

"It is you guys that will be making the decisions as far as voting, the legislature…even making decisions as far as influencing other physicians who are performing these procedures."

Not only has Dr. Lile provided today’s youth with tremendous resources to comprehend and explain just what abortion is and what it destroys, but his own example is an inspiration and testimony to what one person can do to end the scourge of abortion.