Planned Parenthood of Idaho Backtracks on Apology for Abortion-Racism Donation

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 29, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Planned Parenthood of Idaho Backtracks on Apology for Racist Abortion Donation Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 29
, 2008

Boise, ID ( — After news surfaced earlier this week that Planned Parenthood of Idaho had accepted a donation from someone pretending to want it to go towards abortions on black babies, the abortion business initially apologized. Now, its main spokeswoman is criticizing the pro-life students that organized the investigation.

As initially reported, pro-life students at UCLA organized a probe to find out if Planned Parenthood offices in seven states would accept racist donations.

PPI was one of the affiliates to accept it and Autumn Kersey, Vice-President of Marketing and Development for the pro-abortion group, laughed at the racist intent and called it "understandable."

Yesterday, Planned Parenthood of Idaho CEO Rebecca Poedy released a statement to the media apologizing.

"Planned Parenthood firmly and unequivocally denounces racial bias in the delivery of health care," the statement read.

It continued: "A fund raising employee violated the organization’s principles and practices when she appeared to be willing to accept a racially motivated donation. This employee made a serious mistake. We apologize for the manner in which this offensive call was handled."

However, Poedy appeared to backtrack from the apology in comments to the Boise Weekly, a liberal publication.

She painted the calls as misleading and said PPI was a victim of race-baiting.

"It’s an extremist, anti-choice group that has manipulated a 25-minute conversation," Poedy said. "It’s not an accurate representation of the transcript."

"They’re all designed with an intent to bait someone into a conversation they can then manipulate," she added.

Poedy told the Boise newspaper PPI never accepted money from the call and reported it immediately to the national Planned Parenthood office for an internal probe.

She also admitted that her staff mishandled the call, but said PPI wasn’t prepared for it.

"We need to train our staff to handle calls from people that are coming with offensive agendas," she said.