Pro-Abortion Activist Michelman Endorses Barack Obama Over Hillary Clinton

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 4, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 4,

Washington, DC ( — Former NARAL president and leading pro-abortion activist Kate Michelman has endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton now that her initial candidate, John Edwards, has left the Democratic race for president. Michelman says Obama is doing more to pull together abortion advocates under his candidacy than Clinton.

Michelman explained her endorsement in a column published on the Huffington Post blog.

She said she backed Edwards because he tried to "bring America together in shared purpose, prosperity and, especially, equality."

Because Obama shares the same goals, Michelman said she now endorses the pro-abortion Illinois senator "with every passion and enthusiasm I have."

"Barack Obama is also calling our nation to the greatness that we all want but that we’re uncertain we can still achieve,” Michelman said of Obama.

Michelman’s endorsement comes just days after she complained that the media is treating pro-abortion candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as celebrities.

"This campaign has been about two celebrity candidates – excellent and qualified candidates – but celebrity candidates," Michelman told the Associated Press last week after Edwards bowed out.

Without naming her, Michelman also singled out Clinton for criticism, saying she’s more talk than action on abortion and other political issues.

"Others talk about greatness and they even say all the right words, but they do not bring those words to life," Michelman wrote in the op-ed. "Their words do not grab us by the arms and pull us along together."

"When I endorsed John Edwards for president, I did so because I was confident he would [protect legal abortion]," Michelman wrote.

"And when I endorsed John Edwards I also knew that Barack Obama shared every one of these concerns, and over the course of Barack’s own campaign, the nation has come to believe in him," she said.

While Michelman is backing Obama, NARAL has not endorsed either of the two pro-abortion candidates. Clinton has the backing of abortion advocacy groups Emily’s List and NOW.