March for Life Founder Nellie Gray Recovers From Injures at Abortion Rally

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 30, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

March for Life Founder Nellie Gray Recovers From Injures at Abortion Rally Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
January 30,

Washington, DC ( — Nellie Gray, the 84-year-old March for Life founder and organizer has recovered from her injuries she sustained at a rally against abortion just before this year’s March for Life. Gray was set to announce the winners of a student essay contest for posters, poems and articles on the pro-life movement when she tripped over an amplifier.

Christian leaders on the stage prayed for Gray as medical personnel came and carted her off to a waiting ambulance.

In a statement received on Wednesday, the March board said Gray is thankful "for your concern and many inquiries" after her fall.

"I tripped over a piece of the sound equipment, which pulled my footing out so forcefully that
I felt as if I were airborne," Gray said in the statement. There was nothing for me to grab hold of and nothing to break my fall."

"My glasses fell off. The full weight of my body was thrown head-first atop my glasses, which shattered and cut my forehead seriously," Gray explained. "I did not lose consciousness, my vision is still fine, and the broken glass did not get into my eyes."

The emergency medical team closed the wound with eleven stitches and reported that there appears to be no broken or fractured bones, Gray told

"The stitches will be removed in a few days. Even though I shall have a bruised head and cheek for awhile, I am feeling fine," she added.

Speakers at the rest of the rally encouraged march attendees throughout the rest of the program to pray for Gray.

“This is an extremely important time — the 35th year of the genocide of the pre-born from Roe v. Wade in America,” Gray said before her fall. “We have a genocide because, after 35 years, it’s estimated that 48 million pre-born children have been killed — their mothers and fathers abused and hurt through this killing.”

“So we’re coming together at the nation’s capital once more to petition Congress to enact legislation to stop the genocide here,” Gray added.

Gray is an attorney and has been the leading figure in organizing the March since its inception in 1974.