Colorado Pro-Life Advocates Continue Monitoring Pro-Abortion Weitz Company

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 22, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Colorado Pro-Life Advocates Continue Monitoring Pro-Abortion Weitz Company Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
January 22,

Denver, CO ( — Pro-life groups in Colorado are continuing to monitor the Weitz Company, an Iowa-based construction firm that is leading the building of a massive new Planned Parenthood abortion center in Denver. Despite continued protests, Weitz officials have yet to back down from participating in the project.

A new pro-life group called the Collaborators Project is watching Weitz and other companies working on the new abortion business.

The group has given Weitz a firm deadline of January 31, 2008, to stop constructing the abortion facility or it will step up the protests and other boycott efforts.

"If Weitz does not cease from constructing this abortion facility by January 31st, we will designate their firm with Permanent Collaborator Status,” Collaborators Project founder Will Duffy told

Colorado pro-life advocates met with Weitz officials back in October and they hoped to persuade the firm to boycott the project and refuse to build the abortion center, but found considerable resistance.

Keith Mason, of the Keep Peace in Stapleton Project, told that Bill Hornaday, the president of The Weitz Company Rocky Mountain showed "a surprising allegiance to the abortion industry" and refused to reconsider his firm’s involvement.

In the private meeting, Mason said Hornaday indicated that money is not the prime motivation for building the new Planned Parenthood.

"The ideals of The Weitz Company are worse than we thought," Mason told "If they are not building this superstructure for money, are they building it out of a desire to facilitate the murder of innocent children?"

Mason said he is surprised and disappointed that two of the leaders within the company are supposedly strong Christians.

He pointed out that Senior Vice President Gary Meggison is a member of the Catholic church and neighbors of Vice President Don Gendall claim that he is a "strong Christian."

"The bottom line is that followers of Christ would not be a part of this heinous business," Mason said. "A true Christian would do what is necessary to save the lives of innocent children."

Mason said the brief meeting with Weitz Company showed how they were uninterested in documentation of Planned Parenthood’s abuses and problems or how the company has made millions of dollars doing abortions.

"These heartless men are contributing to the exploitation of women and the deaths of millions of children," stated Jennifer Viaes of Keep Peace in Stapleton Project. "It is clear that The Weitz Company is determined to be a part of the abortion industry, no matter the cost."

Mason concluded saying that his group will "keep these executives in our prayers, in hope that they will not build this modern-day Auschwitz. We must pray that they do the right thing."

ACTION: Express your views to The Weitz Company Rocky Mountain, 4725 South Monaco Street, Suite 100 Denver, CO 80237 or call (303) 771-1935.