Mike Huckabee Visits Pregnancy Center as He Touts Pro-Life Position

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 14, 2008   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Mike Huckabee Visits Pregnancy Center as He Touts Pro-Life Position Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
January 14,

Columbia, SC (LifeNews.com) — Mike Huckabee is counting on his pro-life position to earn him votes in this week’s presidential contests in Michigan and South Carolina. Last week, he stopped at a crisis pregnancy center to highlight his pro-life views and talk about how giving women tangible help during an unplanned pregnancy is better than advocating abortion.

At the Carolina Pregnancy Center, based in Spartanburg, Huckabee used the occasion to tout his record and support for a state amendment in Arkansas that asserted life begins at conception.

“I still hope and pray that one day in this country, that we will have a deep conviction about life," he said. "That it is so precious that we will do anything we can to preserve every single life because that life could have been our own lives, and that, again, for me is a point that has nothing to do with politics, but a point that has to do with genuine principle.”

"Sometimes those of us in the pro-life community have been known for what we’re against — that we don’t want to see an unborn child have his or her life ended prematurely and unnecessarily. And yet it’s not enough to be known for what we’re against. We have to be known for what we’re for, which is being for life," Huckabee told volunteers

"If we were to say that the taking of an innocent life is not wrong, then nothing is wrong," he said about how abortion reduces the values of the culture.

Huckabee said his pro-life view is longstanding and not one that he came to in order to seek higher office after serving as Arkansas’ governor.

"It is the view I held before I got into politics, not in order to get into politics," he said of his pro-life position, in an apparent attack on Mitt Romney.

Romney is the former Massachusetts governor who recently switched from a pro-abortion to a pro-life position.

After the event, Steve Daines, a Huckabee campaign leader, said "Governor Huckabee’s stance on the sanctity of life has always been clear and consistent, without wavering. No candidate has a stronger record on the sanctity of life than Mike Huckabee."

In South Carolina, Fred Thompson has received the support of South Carolina Citizens for Life, the state’s main pro-life group, but after a poor showing in New Hampshire his polling numbers are down.

Huckabee won the Iowa caucus and finished third in New Hampshire and is seen by some as more likely to win the nomination against top opponents Romney and John McCain.