National Right to Life Backs Fred Thompson, Says He Opposes Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 12, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

National Right to Life Backs Fred Thompson, Says He Opposes Abortion Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
November 12,

Washington, DC ( — Confirming significant media speculation, the National Right to Life Committee announced on Tuesday that it has endorsed former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson for president. The pro-life group’s stamp of approval as the strongest pro-life candidate among the viable GOP contenders will boost his campaign.

Dr. Wanda Franz, NRLC’s president, told that the group’s endorsement "is a testament to Senator Thompson’s long-standing pro-life record, his commitment to unborn children, and our belief in his ability to win." attended the weekend board meeting where representatives of statewide pro-life groups from across the country, representing thousands of local chapters and millions of pro-life advocates, came together to back Thompson.

Members of the National Right to Life board considered the position of all of the Republican candidates for president and ultimately supported Thompson based on his pro-life voting record and second-place standing in most national polls.

Franz said the endorsement is important because National Right to Life is the first grassroots organization to weigh in on the presidential race.

"Unlike endorsements by single individuals, this endorsement was made by representatives of statewide pro-life organizations across America which themselves are comprised of local community chapters and grassroots activists," she said.

Right to Life activists appeared united against Rudy Giuliani and universally believed that the pro-life community should unite around one candidate to ensure a pro-life nominee represents the GOP against one of the pro-abortion Democrats seeking that party’s nomination.

NRLC told that Thompson has been a consistent abortion opponent in both his pro-life voting record and in personal meetings the organization has had with him. He also has said he strongly opposes embryonic stem cell research and forcing taxpayers to fund the destructive science.

"Fred Thompson has had a strong, consistent pro-life record throughout his political career," the group added. "Thompson opposes abortion and believes the 1973 abortion on demand Supreme Court decision was wrongly decided and must be reversed."

"As pro-lifers throughout the nation begin to unite behind his candidacy, he will be well positioned to win the nomination and the presidency," the group concluded.