Pro-Life News: Mitt Romney, Sam brownback, British Nurse, Virginia Candidate

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 19, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Pro-Life News: Mitt Romney, Sam brownback, British Nurse, Virginia Candidate Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
October 19,

Mitt Romney Narrowly Edges Mike Huckabee in Values Voter Straw Poll
Washington, DC ( —
Nearly six thousand votes were cast over the weekend at the Family Research Council’s second Values Voters forum. FRC Action members had the choice of voting on-line, by mail, or at electronic voting stations during this weekend’s event and were only allow one vote. Mitt Romney came in first with 27.62 percent of the vote followed closely by Mike Huckabee, who drew 27.10 percent. Ron Paul, Fred Thompson and Sam Brownback, who left the campaign Friday, rounded out the top five. Despite the closeness of the total vote, the percentages of those who attended the forum and watched the speeches told another story. The vote was open to people online and in that sense, Romney won with 1595 votes compared to Mike Huckabee’s 1565 votes. It was just a 30 vote difference. But for the people that actually voted onsite, it was no contest. Huckabee won 488 votes to Romney’s second place 99. CBN correspondent David Brody responded to the disparity this way: "Clearly, the people that actually heard the speeches thought Huckabee was the best candidate there. It would be one thing if Huckabee and Romney were neck and neck for onsite voting but for Huckabee to be such an overwhelming onsite winner, that is saying something." Fred Thompson, Tom Tancredo, and Rudy Giuliani finished the top five in the on-site voting.

Sam Brownback Says He’s Unsure if Gov. Mitt Romney is Pro-Life
Washington, DC ( —
Sam Brownback discussed the Republican presidential campaign of Mitt Romney after bowing out of the contest himself. Brownback said he is convinced the Republican Party will nominate a “pro-life candidate,” and he feels that Rudy Giuliani does not fit the bill but didn’t say if Romney fit that category. “Governor Romney’s certainly taken a pro-life position now,” Brownback said to reporters after his speech to leave the race. “We’ll see if that’s something that can persuade the American public. My criticism of [Romney] has been that you need someone that believes in the cause to persuade the American public, and if it’s seen as switching on a lot of topics it’s tough to persuade the American public." Brownback has been openly critical of Romney on the abortion issue, even going as far as to place automated phone calls to voters in Iowa criticizing the former Massachusetts governor for his inconsistent stance. Brownback has yet to give his endorsement and most political observers expect him to support Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson.

British Nurse Accused of Murder Told Colleagues Patients Died on His Shifts
London, England ( —
A British nurse accused of murdering four women patients within six months told a colleague that “someone always died” when he was on night shift. That’s what a jury hear in testimony in the case of Colin Norris, 31. Norris was claimed to have become so confident in carrying out the killings at two hospitals that he predicted when an 86 year old in his care would die. After Ethel Hall was found collapsed in a coma within 15 minutes of the time he had suggested to a fellow nurse, Norris pointed to his watch and said: “I told you so.” He allegedly injected elderly victims with massive overdoses of insulin, a drug they did not need, as they were recovering from routine hip operations. Prosecuting attorney Robert Smith said it was impossible to say what the motive was but added that all the patients had been difficult and were capable of being a burden to medical staff or their quality of life was poor. He told Newcastle Crown Court that Norris’s first attempt to kill a patient in May 2002 failed when 90 year old Vera Wilby survived. Despite falling into a coma, she recovered because the insulin was counteracted by her naturally high blood-sugar level. Smith said Norris was caught out after Hall’s collapse was so catastrophic that a doctor ordered specialist blood tests to be conducted later that year.

Virginia Pro-Life Advocate Will Seek 6th District Congressional Seat
Richmond, VA ( —
Former Del. Dick Black, a leading pro-life voice in the General Assembly, announced Friday that he will seek the Republican nomination for the congressional seat left vacant by the death of Rep. Jo Ann Davis. Davis died Oct. 6, two years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She put together a strong pro-life voting record during her brief tenure in Congress. Black has rented a house in Fredericksburg so he will have an address in the 1st District, even though candidates are not required by law to live in the district, campaign manager Herb Lux said. Black represented Loudoun County for eight years in the House of Delegates. "This campaign is about who can best represent the good people of Virginia’s 1st Congressional District," Black said in a news release. Chuck Davis, the congresswoman’s widower, previously announced plans to seek the GOP nomination. Davis is a retired firefighter who has never run for elected office but wishes to finish his wife’s work. The nominee will be chosen at a districtwide Republican convention, but no date has been set.