Parents of Teenager in Kidnapping-Forced Abortion Case Will Avoid Jail

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 10, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Parents of Teenager in Kidnapping-Forced Abortion Case Will Avoid Jail Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
October 10,

Portland, ME ( — The parents who kidnapped their teenage daughter and drove her to another state in an attempt to force her to have an abortion will not serve any jail time as the result of a plea bargain. Nicholas and Lola Kampf will plead guilty Friday to misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct charges and will not go to prison.

Thomas Hallett, Nicholas Kampf’s attorney, said the assault charge will be dropped against them in exchange for the guilty pleas to the misdemeanor charges.

"The reality is this was a family matter from the get-go," Hallett told AP.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Katelyn Kampf, who spoke out yesterday against the reduced charges for the first time, said she would be in court to air her opposition to them.

"What I’ve been looking for is some sort of justice," she told the Associated Press. "Them walking away with a misdemeanor is certainly not that."

She said she will never forget how strongly her parents hated her for carrying a mixed race child because of her black boyfriend and indicated her mother called the baby a "science project" at one point.

Kampf gave birth to the baby boy in January and her parents will not ever see her or the child again, she has said.

"I don’t think I could ever face them again. Just knowing. I mean some of the things they said just replay in my mind all the time. My mom spit in my face twice. She told me she wished she’d never had me, that I was the biggest mistake of her life," she said.

The Kampfs were accused of kidnapping Katelyn and taking her to New York to force her to have an abortion. They supposedly tied her hands and feet and put her in the back of their car.

Their daughter, whom they had allegedly tied up initially at gunpoint, was able to flee after using the restroom and grabbed her parents’ cell phone to alert police.

They were arrested in a New Hampshire shopping center September 15 on their way to New York in an attempt to take Katelyn to a state with more lenient abortion laws to order her to have a later-term abortion.

Katelyn made her feelings known in an interview with WMTW-TV in Portland and said she thinks her parents are getting off too easy.

"I feel pretty unsatisfied with the way my parents’ case is being handled," she said.

Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson said Katelyn was involved in the plea deal and this wass the first she was aware that Katelyn is unhappy with it.

Katelyn said she discussed it with Anderson.

"I was really upset, and I just told her, ‘If that’s all they’re going to get out of it, I don’t care. Do whatever you want with it.’"

The young woman also talked about what happened that day she was abducted.

"I did end up making a run for it," Katelyn Kampf said about how she tried to flee her parents. "At one point, I ran out of the house. My father chased me down our driveway and tackled me, and I had grass stains all over, and I was screaming for help."

She also told WMTW that her mother made it clear she wanted to kill Katelyn’s six-month-old unborn child at some point.

"At one point, she (Lola Kampf) said something about making me have the baby and then killing it, and she would do whatever necessary to make sure the baby never came into the world," she said.