Pro-Life News: No Third Party Bid, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 7, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
October 7,

Pro-Life Leader Says Media Overplayed Discussion of Third Party Bid
Washington, DC ( —
A leader of a national pro-life group says the mainstream media made too much of a discussion some pro-life leaders had about the potential of a third-party bid for president next year. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said only a small minority of people backed a third party effort and that most pro-life advocates are focused on making sure pro-abortion ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani doesn’t get the Republican nomination for president. "To think that we have a candidate … who is adamantly pro-abortion," Perkins said on MSNBC’s Hardball, "I don’t have much comfort in that." Perkins added some context to the media’s treatment of the discussion. "This was more of a proclamation of principle rather than a declaration of intent," he said. "There’s no desire to run a third-party candidate, but there has been a line drawn, which I think most pro-life conservatives are not willing to cross."

Christian Group Offers Alternative to Amnesty International on Abortion
London, England ( —
Amnesty International has upset millions of its members around the world with its decision to endorse abortion. One Christian group, Action by Christians Against Torture, is hoping to provide an alternative to the human rights groups and focus on the same subjects without advocating abortion for women who are victims of violence. "ACAT is a registered charity and a Body in Association with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland," the group says. "It is affiliated to the International Federation Against Torture, based in Paris. It campaigns against torture, the threat of torture, disappearances and extra judicial executions. This is a narrower remit than Amnesty. There is a non charitable sister organization which campaigns against the death penalty. ACAT has no policy on abortion and would endanger its charitable status if it worked in this field. It seems sad that Catholics who have been active in Amnesty and are committed to human rights should feel unable to continue with their campaigning. Their commitment is urgently needed in today’s world. ACAT would welcome inquiries from those interested in joining its campaign." For more information, contact Eleanor Newland at [email protected]

Michigan Catholic Leaders Launch Stem Cell Research Education Campaign
Lansing, MI ( —
The Michigan Catholic Conference has launched an educational campaign there to help state residents understand more about stem cell research and why pro-life advocates support the use of adult stem cells but oppose embryonic ones. The campaign, Finding Cures & Protecting Life, includes a 12-minute DVD that will be sent to the homes of 500,000 registered Catholics statewide. "Adult stem cell research is ethical because it does not harm the individual and has been shown to find treatments for over 70 medical conditions," said Paul Long, vice president for public policy of the Michigan Catholic Conference. "Embryonic stem cell research is immoral because it necessitates the destruction of the human embryo and it’s unproven: It has no treatments or cures." "It’s important for the church to lay out its position," Long said. "It’s never morally right to kill a human being for the benefit of another human being for scientific purposes." The campaign comes as advocates are discussing putting an initiative on the November 2008 ballot that would make state resident spay for embryonic stem cell research.

Pro-Life Illinois Democrat Daniel Lipinski Faces Pro-Abortion Primary Opponent
Springfield, IL ( —
Rep. Daniel Lipinski is one of those rare breeds in Congress — a Democrat who routinely votes pro-life on abortion and bioethics issues. Sensing an opportunity to replace him with one of their own, abortion advocate shave taken the lead in promoting and funding a Democratic opponent to run against him in the primary. Mark Pera, an assistant Cook County state’s attorney in Illinois, is running hard against him and has NARAL in her corner. The group endorsed her last week and has funneled thousands of dollars her direction. NARAL political director Elizabeth Shipp said Pera approached her group earlier this year after making the decision to run. “We’re certainly going to take him on,” Shipp said of Lipinski. In 2006, Shipp said NARAL had about 1,000 members on the ground in the district. This time around, she said it has about 2,500 members, supporters and activists ready to go to work, according to The Hill. The is concern Pera could win as two opponents combined for 45 percent of the vote against Lipinski in 2006.

Colorado City Goes After Pro-Life Advocates for Signs on Their Own Yards
Durango, CO ( —
The city of Durango, Colorado is going after pro-life advocates participating in the 40 Days of Life campaign that displaying signs for the campaign in their own yards without first obtaining a $20 permit is a violation of city code. The yard signs read, "Pray to end abortion" on one side, and "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you – God" on the other. The "40 Days for Life" logo is on the signs. Earlier this week, the city sent a two-page letter to the local pro-life group sponsoring the campaign saying that the yard signs don’t qualify for an exemption to the sign code, and each sign requires a permit, which if approved, costs $20. Michaela Dasteel, director of LifeGuard, said the city is using its sign code to suppress the pro-life movement there. "We know that there is a clear agenda in this town to support Planned Parenthood, and (the city) is using their interpretation of the law" to do it, Dasteel said. The group has hired Durango lawyer William Zimsky to investigate whether the city’s sign code violates the Constitution. Zimsky said the city allows commercial signs to be displayed without a permit – including real-estate signs and "now open" signs – but the city prohibits noncommercial signs expressing views, "and we believe that is unconstitutional." "Our main beef is they’re allowing commercial signs to be put up without a permit, but they’re not allowing noncommercial signs to be put up without a permit."