Illinois Pro-Life Advocates Rally to Protest New Aurora Abortion Center

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 17, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Illinois Pro-Life Advocates Rally to Protest New Aurora Abortion Center Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 17,

Aurora, IL ( — Dozens of pro-life advocates in this northern Illinois city listened to pro-life leaders from across the country as they rallied in opposition to a new abortion business Planned Parenthood is almost done building there. They don’t believe it’s possible to close down the new center but they hope to raise public opinion against it.

Denise Mackura, a pro-life attorney who is the director of Ohio Right to Life, came to support her colleagues in Illinois.

"We fight with you to stop this kind of poison that’s going to flow into the city of Aurora when this facility opens up," she told the crowd.

"This community will be destroyed," by Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, she said.

She urged the pro-life advocates to lobby the city to not issue Planned Parenthood’s occupancy permit, with the hopes that will slow down or stop the process of it opening the new facility.

Jim Sedlak, of the group STOPP International, appeared at the rally as well to inspire participants.

"Planned Parenthood needs to be stopped," Sedlak told the crowd. "And I can see just by looking out, you’re the people that are going to stop them."

Eric Scheidler, an Aurora resident who heads up the Pro-Life Action League, brought in the other pro-life leaders and said that members of the community never expected "an abortionist as their neighbor."

"We don’t want Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois," he added. "Whether it’s 40 days of prayers or 40 years of effort, we will shut down the abortion fortress of Aurora."

Meanwhile, the Suburban Chicago News reported that a handful of abortion advocates counterprotested at the event.

They brought signs, including one with a coat hanger and the words "Never Again" — an attempt to recreate history with claims that thousands of women died from illegal abortions. They said nothing of the women who have died from legal ones.

Naperville resident John McCollum told the newspaper that "We feel quite strongly in a woman’s right to choose. Everybody should be a wanted baby.

Kathy Borchert of Batavia attended the pro-abortion counterprotest as well, holding signs saying "Keep the Choice Yours" and "Keep Abortion Legal."

The pro-abortion protesters had to be confined on a sidewalk off to the side because they didn’t obtain a permit to protest as the pro-life advocates did.

The new abortion center, located at 240 N. Oakhurst Drive in the DuPage County section of Aurora, is set to open September 18.