Sam Brownback, Fred Thompson Win Pro-Life Student Group’s Straw Poll

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 16, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Sam Brownback, Fred Thompson Win Pro-Life Student Group’s Straw Poll Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 16,

Washington, DC ( — Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback and likely candidate Fred Thompson are the winners of a straw poll conducted by a pro-life group for college students. Students for Life of America asked 635 pro-life college students about their preferences for the primary and general elections.

Senator Brownback finished first with 23 percent of the vote when it comes to the top choice of students for the Republican primary election.

Thompson received 22 percent, Mitt Romney had 11 percent, Ron Paul received nine percent, Rudy Giuliani got seven percent, and John McCain and Mike Huckabee received five percent apiece.

John Rankin, Iowa communications director of Brownback for President, told he was delighted by the results.

"Senator Brownback’s first-place victory in the Students for Life straw poll is a recognition of his unmatched efforts leading the fight to protect life," he said. "[His] campaign has surged forward through the energy and commitment of conservative college students."

Meanwhile, Thompson took first in the polling of students based on their preference in the general election — a sign some pro-life advocates like Brownback but don’t think he can win the GOP nod.

Brownback placed second in that question, just one point behind while Romney took a more distant third.

Students for Life of America director Kristan Hawkins told that the candidates who fared best in the straw poll seemed to be ones who have most strongly emphasized their pro-life views.

"It’s interesting that some campaigns who have made outreach to young pro-life voters aren’t seeing those results in this survey," Hawkins said.

"Why is an undeclared candidate beating the rest of these candidates who have been spending so much money on outreach? Something’s wrong in their campaigns if they can’t win this section of the population, who will be critical in the Iowa and South Carolina primaries," she explained.

"These candidates need to take my pro-life principles seriously, or they won’t automatically get my vote," KatieRynn Hickman, president of Young Pro-Life Virginia, added.

"The contenders should not only talk pro-life, but they also need to vote the right way. Kerry was Catholic and managed the lose the Catholic vote to a Methodist because he was so radically pro-abortion," she said.

Hawkins said the good news for the pro-life movement is that polling data shows the next generation of Americans is pro-life.

Zogby International conducted a poll in April 2004 that showed a remarkable shift in opinion by American youth to a more pro-life position. More specific positions even revealed a stronger preference for pro-life among African-American and Hispanic voters.

Students for Life of America is the largest pro-life college student organization in the country, with approximately 255 active member organizations across the U.S.

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