Republican Voters Still Don’t Know Rudy Giuliani Supports Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 3, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 3,

Washington, DC ( — A new poll shows that over half of Republican voters can’t identify that Rudy Giuliani is the lone GOP presidential candidate who supports abortion. However, the new Pew survey finds that pro-life voters and those who are paying more attention to the presidential race are more likely to know that fact.

Among all self-identified Republican voters, just 41 percent are aware that the former New York City mayor is only Republican in the race to favor legalized abortion.

Awareness of Giuliani’s position is higher among Republican voters who have given a lot of thought to the candidates as 58 percent correctly identify his pro-abortion stance.

Only 40 percent of those who have given "some" attention to the presidential race know Giuliani is pro-abortion and just 25 percent of those who have paid little or no attention can cite that fact.

There also is an ideological divide as conservatives (who tend to be more pro-life) are more likely to identify Giuliani as pro-abortion than moderate or liberal Republicans (who are more likely to be pro-abortion) by a 47-30 percentage point margin.

The Pew survey found that, among voters in both parties, 39 percent can identify Giuliani has pro-abortion. That’s an increase of two percent over the 37 percent found in Pew’s June poll.

As more Americans focus on the presidential elections and as abortion has been a big issue for debate regarding Giuliani over the last few months, more Republicans appear to be favoring other candidates.

Pew found Giuliani leading the race with the support of 27 percent of GOP voters nationally, but that is down 5 percent from last month. Fred Thompson, who is pro-life, has jumped eight percent to 18 percent, John McCain has lost seven percent to drop to 16 percent overall, and Mitt Romney went up two points to 10 percent.

Other polls show that Giuliani’s pro-abortion position is hurting him among Republicans.

A June Harris Poll found that the more conservative the Republican the more likely Giuliani’s pro-abortion views are off-putting.

Some 26% of adults agree that his positions on issues such as abortion make them unable to vote for him — and the percentage is high enough to make his road to the White House more difficult.

Another 43 percent say his pro-abortion position isn’t a deciding factor and 31 percent are not sure, meaning his stance could still prompt them to oppose his candidacy.

While about one-quarter of Republicans say Giuliani’s pro-abortion views would cause them to vote for someone else, this percentage rises to 35 percent when self-identified conservative Republicans examine his views.

That could be a huge factor in early primary states like Iowa and South Carolina where conservative Republicans dominate the elections there.