Pro-Life News: Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton on Abortion, Missouri, Ohio

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 19, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 19
, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Says He Will Not Have an Abortion Litmus Test for Judges
Council Bluffs, IA ( —
GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, the only abortion advocate left in the race for the Republican nomination, said on Wednesday that he will not have an abortion litmus test for judicial positions. Campaigning in Iowa he said the issue of abortion or where a potential nominee stands on the controversial Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case will have no bearing on whether he appoints the person to the nation’s highest court. "Abortion is not a litmus test. Roe v. Wade is not a litmus test. No particular case is a litmus test. That’s not the way to appoint Supreme Court justices or any judge," Giuliani said, according to an AP report. Speaking with reporters after the event he said any candidate for a federal judicial position wouldn’t be able to speak their mind on Roe beforehand anyway to pledge to rule one way or the other. "Judges interpret the Constitution; they should not be allowed to make it up. Otherwise, why have legal arguments if you’re not going to give judges a chance to change their mind," Giuliani said. At the same time, Giuliani also pledged to only appoint judges who strictly interpret the Constitution — a pledge that is normally interpreted as one to appoint judges who tend to oppose Roe v. Wade as wrongly decided. Such comments are meant to assure Republican voters, most of women are pro-life and, as polls show, likely to vote for someone else in the primary because of his pro-abortion position. The former New York City mayor also told reporters that abortion isn’t the top issue to consider when appointing judges. "I think Roe against Wade is an issue. It is not the only issue," he said. Giuliani concluded that he would appoint judges like Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito who both enjoyed support from the pro-life community and ruled this year in favor of the federal ban on partial-birth abortions. Also hoping to draw support from conservatives, Giuliani mentioned former President Ronald Reagan numerous times and said he would appoint judges in the mold of Reagan’s. "He did a very, very good job of, much more often than not, selecting really good judges who would interpret the Constitution in a way that will protect your rights and my rights," he said. "They’re there to interpret things, not to change things. You have legislators to change things."

Hillary Clinton Tells Planned Parenthood Conference She Wants Tax-Funded Abortions
Washington, DC ( —
Hillary Clinton was one of three candidates to appear at a Planned Parenthood conference yesterday where she told the abortion advocates she would promote abortion as president. In addition, Clinton also said that her first action as president would be to reverse President Bush’s policy on international abortions. When Bush first took office, he put the Mexico City policy back in place that has been the international policy under Presidents Reagan and Bush and revoked by President Clinton. The Mexico City policy ensures that taxpayer funds are not directed to groups that promote or perform abortions in other countries. Clinton said she would do away with the policy on her first day in office. Meanwhile, during a question and answer period, the New York senator did not say specifically that she would only appoint pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court — a litmus test some of her fellow Democratic presidential candidates have pledged. Clinton also criticized President Bush for promoting abstinence education instead of comprehensive sex-ed and said she would promote the morning after pill as president and force hospitals and military base clinics to dispense it.

Washington Post Bashes Hillary Clinton Over Planned Parenthood Abortion Speech
Washington, DC ( —
It’s not every day that a newspaper with a pro-abortion editorial board criticizes one of the most pro-abortion politicians around. But that’s what the Washington Post did on Wednesday when it took Clinton to task for her speech Tuesday at the national Planned Parenthood conference. The newspaper criticized her more for what she didn’t say than what she did. While Clinton talked about how she would promote abortion, the Post said she failed to discuss any substantive plan for improving health care — something rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards’ wife did. “Yet she left out any mention of universal health care — a system she has promised to establish if elected,” the Post wrote in an editorial. The newspaper said Clinton’s failure to promote a health care plan before the Planned Parenthood crowd was odd considering comments Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards made in June saying universal health care coverage is the “number one domestic issue” facing the nation. “Last night, Clinton acted as if that were not a priority on her agenda,” the newspaper said contrasting that with how Obama “offered just the dose of universal health care rhetoric Planned Parenthood supporters may yearn for, vowing to provide universal health care for all Americans by the end of his first term.” It added: “Clinton may have scored some points with the activist crowd as she chided Republicans for standing ‘against family planning’ … Yet she steered clear of criticism that came her way just a few days ago” from Edwards’ wife about how he represents women better. In their health care plans, both Edwards and Obama say they would include coverage for abortion, meaning taxpayers would be forced to directly pay for abortions in most or all cases for the first time since Congress adopted the Hyde Amendment in 1977.

Hundreds of New Orleans Residents Protest Doctor’s Hurricane Katrina Death Probe
New Orleans, LA ( —
Hundreds of New Orleans residents protested against an investigation of a doctor who is under investigation for allegedly euthanizing patients in the dreadful aftermath following Hurricane Katrina. The citizens gathered Tuesday at City Park to rally against the investigation of Dr. Anna Maria Pou, who has spent one year awaiting a decision by District Attorney Eddie Jordan’s office whether to charge her in the case. Four patients were alleged to have been killed via euthanasia in the wake of the storm and two nurses, Cheri Landry and Lori Budo, saw their charges dismissed when they agreed to testify before a grand jury. "Anna has never given up on any of her patients, or on any of us," said Michael Pou, one of the doctor’s 10 brothers and sisters. "The time is now to start the healing. The district attorney can help pave the way for that process to begin by dropping these outrageous proceedings against my sister." According to the New Orleans Times Picayune newspaper, other speakers and attendees applauded the doctors and staff who stayed at Memorial hospital saying they literally weathered the storm and took care of patients even though the conditions inside the hospital deteriorated rapidly. They also said she stayed behind while doctors with small children and family to care for fled the oncoming hurricane. Others said the investigation is preventing the city of New Orleans from moving past the disaster. "This investigation has only festered our deep wounds, and we cannot begin the healing process until Dr. Pou is fully exonerated," said Karen Sanford, who said staff at the hospital had to care for 2,000 people during the hurricane. "It was unbearable to witness the suffering and the agony these patients had to endure while we waited many days for rescue," Sanford added. "It was our goal to save every patient at that hospital." Meanwhile, Dr. Joe Ann Clark read a statement on behalf of the Louisiana State Nurses Association and the American Medical Association that backs Pou and questions law enforcement for targeting the medical community during harsh conditions. "During any disaster, health care providers, doctors and nurses and others, must work together to make the very best decisions that they can with their given available resources," the statement read. Pou was not at the rally, but Budo and Landry were in the crowd. Prosecutors continue to meet with a special grand jury and no decision has been made to bring forth charges in the case that Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti began in July 2006. Pou has filed a lawsuit against the state of Louisiana and Foti for putting her under investigation for so long but bringing no charges in the case. But Foti’s office says e is not named in the lawsuit.

Researchers Able to Turn Adult Stem Cells of Mice Into Embryonic Stem Cells
Tokyo, Japan ( –
– Japanese scientists have made progress in the field of stem cell research with a new process that is able to turn adult stem cells in mice back into their embryonic state. If the process can be duplicated in humans it could go a long way to helping resolve some of the ethical issues that surround stem cell research. Pro-life groups support stem cell research but oppose the embryonic kind because it involves the destruction of days-old unborn children. According to the London Times newspaper, Professor Shinya Yamanaka talked about the progress the scientists made and said he thinks he can replicate the study in humans. "It is hard to predict how the science will develop," he said, "but I think we could produce a basic prototype-induced stem cell made from a human adult cell within six months to a year." It also said he thinks it’s possible to create a stem cell that is "indistinguishable from one taken from an embryo” in the next two to three years. Reacting to the report, Dawn Vargo of Focus on the Family told CitizenLink that Yamanaka’s research shows stem cell research can move forward without sacrificing morals. "This new ‘holy grail’ of stem-cell research – embryonic-like stem cells – is further evidence that pro-life voices are being heard and have changed the course of the stem-cell debate," Vargo said. "While embryonic stem cells were once the gold standard of research, we now have research being conducted that does not require the destruction of embryonic life."

Black Pro-Life Leader Says Barack Obama Misses Violence of Abortion
Chicago, IL ( —
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was in Chicago recently to talk about the indecent of violence. He spoke to a local congregation about the urgent need to end the "epidemic of violence" devastating urban communities and killing children. He noted that 36 children had been killed just this year. But Day Gardner, the director of the National Black Pro-Life Union says the Illinois senator is missing the violence of abortion. “I found it interesting that Mr. Obama neglected to include the 20,000 children who were gruesomely — violently killed last year in Chicago by abortion–many of them just days before being ‘welcomed’ into the world,” she told Gardner also criticized Obama over a recent speech he gave at the national Planned Parenthood convention. He complained that a decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the national ban on partial-birth abortions was "part of a concerted effort to roll back women’s rights." Gardner responded: “No, Mr. Obama…it was a concerted effort to ensure rights for all Americans no matter how small they may be.” She said Obama has embraced a “culture of death” that neglects to speak up for the smallest people who can’t speak up for themselves. Gardner also said that when Obama talked about young men who engage in violence not getting enough love he forgot about the pattern of violence established by legalized abortion and how people are following that by engaging in other forms of violence. “We are teaching our young people that life is worthless–if he gets in your way–take him out! If an unborn child gets in your way–take him out,” she told Instead, she said Obama should be worried how abortion is the leading cause of death for African Americans — killing more black people than crime and all other sorts of deaths combined. Since 1973, more than 15 million black Americans have been killed via abortion and countless millions of women injured physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Expands in New York, Consolidates in Ohio
Saratoga, NY ( —
Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business is expanding in Florida and consolidating in Ohio. In Saratoga Planned Parenthood will soon be opening an educational center on the second floor of a new office building it recently opened. The center will be the home of new education room, gathering place and a library named for one of Planned Parenthood in Schenectady’s founding members. The building is also named after A.C. Riley, the former city mayor who is a longtime abortion advocate. Planned Parenthood CEO Paul Drisgula told the Sarasota newspaper that the center will be a “jumping off point” for new community outreach programs in an attempt to expand the abortion business and legitimate services Planned Parenthood uses for public relations. Meanwhile, the new Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio has consolidated five of its organizations this month in an effort to strengthen them by merging them into one larger group. Board members of the five independent affiliates decided to create the regional abortion business. "We knew we could achieve more together than we could separately," Tara Broderick, chief executive officer of the organization told the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. "This is a great example of regional cooperation." The merger makes this the largest Planned Parenthood operation in the country with 17 facilities in 21 counties and another Planned Parenthood center set to open in Lorain in the fall. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America came to the area July 1 to announce the merger and said it would help cut costs in the face of a state cut of $1.7 million in taxpayer funds in 2004. "It’s just great news," Richards said. "I think it means Planned Parenthood is going to be stronger. It’s a new day in Ohio."

Missouri Abortions Down Five Percent as More Residents Get Kansas Abortions
Jefferson City, MO ( —
The number of abortions in Missouri dropped five percent in 2006 compared with figures from the year before as more state residents head to Kansas to have abortions. New figures from the state health department show that while abortions dropped in the state the actual number of Missouri women having abortions last year increased as 11,833 had abortions last year. That’s an increase of two percent compared with 2005 numbers. The number of abortions in Missouri dropped five percent to 7,556 last year. Kansas is the top destination for abortions as the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the Kansas City area is located in the Kansas suburb of Overland Park. Meanwhile, Peter Brownlie, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri said that more women are also going to Kansas for abortions because the abortion business in Springfield, Missouri closed down last year. "Women in Southwest Missouri have had to either go to Columbia or our Overland Park or other providers on the Kansas side,” he said. Other women in the St. Louis area also frequently go to the suburb of Granite City, Illinois to get abortions.

Ohio Arrest Warrant Issued for Teen Who Killed Girlfriend’s Unborn Baby
Cincinnati, OH ( —
A warrant has been issued for an Ohio teenager who has been accused of attacking his pregnant girlfriend and killing her unborn child. Alfonso Price, a 15 year-old, allegedly attacked Kerria Anderson, 18, because she refused to have an abortion of her baby who Price fathered. Price reportedly kicked Anderson in the stomach and hit her causing her to miscarry the eight-month old unborn child. Anderson was standing at a bus stop last Wednesday when the attacked happened and Price was said to have dragged her to a building in a nearby neighborhood where he attacked her and left her. Anderson was eventually able to contact authorities from an adjacent store but her baby wasn’t able to be saved. Price has been charged with aggravated murder and felonious assault. Police are also searching for two teenagers who allegedly helped Price in the attack. The case brings more attention to violence against pregnant women, especially those whose refusals to have abortions spark violent rage in their partners. Ohio is one of 35 states that have a law protecting pregnant women and their unborn children and providing them with justice when they are injured or killed in an attack. Some 25 of the states, including Ohio, allow prosecutors to bring forth two charges at any time during the pregnancy for death or injury to both mother and child and another 10 states only protect women and children in the latter stages of pregnancy. Anderson also has a 1 year-old daughter and was slated to deliver the unborn child in late August. However, after reporting the attack to authorities and going to the hospital, doctors found her baby had a fractured skull and no heartbeat, according to an AP report. Anderson’s grandmother, Betty Payne, told the news service that Price was the father of the baby. "He wanted her to get an abortion because they were not together," Payne said. "He didn’t want his baby raised by another man."

Portugal Legalized Abortion but Most Doctors Refuse to Do Them Survey Shows
Lisbon, Portugal ( —
Portugal became the latest nation to legalize abortions when its new abortion law went into effect on Sunday. However a survey shows that 80 percent of the physicians in the overwhelmingly Catholic nation refuse to do them. According to the Fides news service, Manuel Cruz, the head of the pro-life group Life Foundation, said, "Abortion is the worst distortion of medicine because a doctor vows to cure not to kill. This explains the widespread movement of objection of conscience among Portugal’s doctors." Meanwhile, Msgr. Carlos Alberto Moreira di Azevedo, a spokesman for the Catholic bishops conference, told Fides that "Catholic nurses and doctors have been encouraged to have recourse to their right to objection of conscience and many have done so." He added: "This comes as a surprise to the government, — many hospitals will not be able to perform abortions because so many doctors are having recourse to their right to objection of conscience." The new abortion law allows tem though the 10th week of pregnancy although it faces two legal challenges at the Constitutional Court by Portugal’s Pro-Life Movement and the legislative assembly of the autonomous region of Madeira. The regional government refuses to allow the law to go into effect there until the courts rule whether it’s constitutional. Portugal’s parliament approved the new abortion law after voters failed to approve it on the ballot. Ore than half of the nation failed to vote and only a small percentage of the overall population actually voted to legalize abortion. Under the new law, abortions will be paid for under the nation’s health insurance system and women wanting abortions must get the okay from two doctors and go through a three day waiting period beforehand.

Canada Adult Stem Cell Research Program Gets $2 Million Grant from MS Society
Ottawa, Canada ( —
Because It has had positive results with adult stem cell research, the Ottawa Health Research Institute at the University of Ottawa will receive a $2.4 million grant over five years to continue the research. The funds come from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada which announced the award yesterday that will help the institute’s bone marrow stem cell transplant therapy trial it began in October 2000. The research involves using a patient’s own bone marrow cells to replace a diseased immune system with a new purified one. The procedure has shown positive results in cancer patients but hasn’t been tried thoroughly in patients with autoimmune diseases. More than two dozen patients were initially selected for the trials and 18 have received the transplant therapy. Although one patient died early on, the procedure was modified and now most of the patients who have had the adult bone marrow cell transplants have seen their conditions stabilize or improve. Several have had significant unexpected improvements. "The hope was that treatment would stabilize progression of the disease, but researchers have found that some patients have experienced improved vision and improved walking ability," Ottawa Health Research Institute spokeswoman Jennifer Paterson told the Ottawa Sun newspaper. "Part of this money will go to finding out what is causing that tissue repair. Additional funds will go to transplants for six more patients."

Colorado Pro-Life Advocates Want Abortion Ban on 2008 Election Ballot
Denver, CO ( —
A pr-life group in Colorado is collecting signatures to get a measure that would ban all abortions in the state on the November 2008 election ballot. They would need to obtain the signatures of 76,000 residents across the state to successfully get the measure on the ballot for voters to consider. The language of the proposal would define human life as beginning at conception and would ultimately afford legal protection for unborn children starting at that point. It says "the terms ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization." As a result, abortions in all cases would be prohibited in the state, which legalized abortion in 1967 ahead of the 1973 Supreme Court case allowing it. Mark Meuser of Colorado Equal Rights, the group backing the constitutional amendment, talked with the Denver Post about the proposal. "If the state or the federal government ever defined when life began, then the rights of the unborn would be superior to the woman’s right to have an abortion," he said. "If personhood was ever defined, then the case for Roe would collapse." The measure first requires a hearing before a title board and that has been scheduled for today. A one-week window follows for an appeal and once the language of the measure is approved the group can begin collecting signatures. Abortion advocates said they will launch a campaign against the amendment if Meuser’s organization is able to get the measure before voters. Annison, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, told the Post the measure is “extreme.” "The proponents of this initiative have certainly been clear that their goal in Colorado is to make abortion illegal," she added. "We believe that a woman’s right to control her own fertility is a fundamental human right." Meuser said several pro-life groups in the state will support the initiative and a representative of Focus on the Family, based in Colorado Springs, said the national organization would support the amendment if it makes it to the ballot.

Ghana Woman Suffers From Blindness After Heath Damaged by Abortion
Atebubu, Ghana ( —
Officials in Ghana are investigating the case of a 20 year-old woman who became blind after she had an abortion of her three-month old unborn baby. Mariama Issah, a student at Yeji Secondary School, reportedly self-aborted using a combination of herbs and pills her boyfriend provided. Now the Atebubu District Office of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice is investigating the case, according to the GNA news service. Vasco Kwadwo Nyamekye, District Director of the Commission, told the GNA that the boyfriend, Samatu Alhassan prepared the herbs and told her to insert them vaginally. Nyamekye said Alhassan also gave her drugs to take and then collapsed soon after taking them and was rushed to St. Matthias Catholic hospital. There, doctors said the drug caused damage to parts of her womb and genitals. Mariama was later taken to the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi where medical officials diagnosed blindness and said it was related to the botched abortion.