Tom Tancredo Pro-Abortion Donor Gave Money Over Immigration Issues

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 3, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Tom Tancredo Pro-Abortion Donor Gave Money Over Immigration Issues

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 3
, 2007

Washington, DC ( — Republican presidential candidates Sam Brownback and Tom Tancredo are sparring over the issue of abortion with the Brownback campaign saying Tancredo received a contribution from a leading pro-abortion activist. The advocate, John Tanton, says he gave Tancredo the money because of his immigration stance.

In the race for the GOP primary nod, Brownback has become one of the top pro-life candidates, emphasizing his opposition to abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

Tancredo is pro-life but has made his opposition to illegal immigration his top policy.

Yesterday, the Brownback campaign told that Tancredo should give back thousands of dollars in donations from Tanton, who helped organize Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood.

Tanton, who was the pro-abortion group’s president from 1965-1971, says he is no longer affiliated with the group, though he donates to it.

"I contributed to Tancredo because he took the lead bringing the immigration issue to the fore, and I respect what he did," Tanton told ABC News about the reason for his donations.

However, Tanton is only interested in stopping illegal immigration because of his pro-abortion views. He fears unfettered immigration will exacerbate what he sees as an overpopulation program in the United States.

According to ABC News, Tanton once chaired a population control committee for the Sierra Club and is the former head of a pro-abortion group called Zero Population Growth that wants abortion legalized worldwide to curb the number of babies born.

"I am a population person," Tanton admitted. "I can multiply. We’re going to add tens of millions of people to this country, and we can’t support them."

According to FEC donation records, Tancredo’s presidential campaign, political action committee, and congressional re-election campaign have accepted thousands of dollars each from Tanton. A political action committee connected to Tanton has donated thousands more.

The Tancredo and Brownback campaigns squared off in dueling comments they gave to on Monday.

"Given Tanton’s obvious ties to Planned Parenthood, Tom Tancredo should publicly denounce his ties to Tanton and should donate all previously accepted funds to an Iowa crisis pregnancy center," said John Rankin, the Brownback for President Iowa communications director.

"How can pro-life Iowans believe Tom Tancredo’s commitment to life when he has accepted money from such a prominent abortion supporter?" Rankin asked.

Tancredo senior advisor Bay Buchanan responded to the charges in a statement Tancredo’s campaign sent

"Those who contribute to the Tancredo campaign are supportive of Congressman Tancredo and his principles and values; in no way does it suggest he endorses theirs," Buchanan responded.

"As for the Congressman’s pro-life record; it is unassailable," Buchanan added.