Pro-Life News; Demcorats and Abortion, John MCain, Arizona Assisted Suicide

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 2, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 2
, 2007

Sen. Barack Obama Tops Hillary Clinton in Recent Prez 2008 Fundraising
Washington, DC ( —
Illinois Senator Barack Obama is a hot commodity these days and the pro-abortion lawmaker raised at least $32.5 million in the last three months. That’s more than pro-abortion New York Senator Hillary Clinton and a record for a Democratic candidate this far out form the primary election. Of the figure, at least $31 million of Obama’s total is for his primary bid while Clinton raised about $27 million, including more than $21 million for the primaries. Obama has focused on smaller donors and has more than 258,000 donors while Clinton is focused on bigger donors and had only 60,000 donors in the first quarter. The top have overwhelming fundraising edges compared with other Democrats. Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards is running third in the Democratic money race, collecting an estimated $9 million in the second quarter after raising $14 million in the first three months. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson took in about $7 million, all for the primary elections and Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd brought in about $3.25 million in the quarter. Edwards, Richardson and Dodd all support abortion and every Democratic candidate wants to make taxpayers finance embryonic stem cell research. All the candidates must file their full first-quarter reports with the Federal Election Commission by July 15.

Democratic Candidates Show no Concern for Victims of Abortion in Debate
Washington, DC ( —
While Democratic presidential candidates debated the issue of race in America the other night one leading pro-life advocate in the African-American community is disappointed none of them addressed the issue of abortion. Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., questioned why leading Democratic Presidential candidates did not mention the destruction abortion has taken on the black community in the United States. "John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama talked about the disproportionate number of blacks who die from AIDS, yet no one said a word about another disproportionately high killer of African Americans, abortion," said Dr. King. "Blacks comprise 12 percent of the population, yet at least one-third of the babies aborted in this country are African American. Why? And more to the point, why are politicians afraid to talk about this? If they’re really concerned about racism in America, the abortion industry is an obvious place to start looking."

John McCain Says He’s Not Worried About Drop in Republican Polls
Washington, DC ( —
John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate who is a senator from Arizona, says he’s not concerned about the drop in the polls he’s seen over the last several weeks. As former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has risen in the polls and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson drawn significant support, McCain has seen his share of the GOP support drop. A recent South Carolina poll showed McCain at just 7 percent and survey in Iowa also showed McCain in single digits. "That poll is just not true," McCain told the Associated Press, referring to the South Carolina poll. With "veterans alone, we are doing much better than that." He dismissed concerns the polling numbers would dry up his fundraising efforts. "I am totally confident that we’ll have sufficient money to do what’s necessary to wage a winning campaign," McCain said. "With the core support we have, we’re going to do fine. We’re going to do fine," McCain said in the interview, adding: "You watch in September." The senator has been having trouble gaining the support of pro-life advocates because he is perceived as having a weak pro-life stance on abortion and he has feuded with pro-life advocates on campaign fiance reform and embryonic stem cell research.

Group for Gays and Lesbians Continues Unlikely Pro-Life Outreach
Washington, DC ( —
The pro-life community has various specialty groups that work hard to reach their various communities. Whether it’s pro-life groups of Presbyterians or Methods or organizations for Hispanics or black Americans, the pro-life movement has always understood the need to reach every segment of society. But a pro-life group of gays and lesbians? Not a stretch for Steve Cook of San Jose, California, who tells the California Catholic newspaper about the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. He says the members of PLAGAL are genuinely opposed to abortion and try to reach out to a segment of people that most pro-life groups can’t reach. But he says he has another concern about legal abortion. “If prenatal tests could detect a tendency toward homosexuality in the unborn, some mothers would abort their babies because they did not ‘choose’ to have a gay son or daughter,” he explains. That’s similar to what already happens to disabled unborn children, such as the 80 percent of unborn children with cerebral palsy who are routinely aborted. Despite possible disagreements with other pro-life people on homosexual issues, Cook says the members of the national group are strongly pro-life and tells of one experience. "I was on a medical ethics committee connected to an Episcopal Church," recalled Cook in a phone interview with California Catholic Daily, "and I was amazed at people who said that infants are ‘not necessarily’ human beings. I said, ‘They’re different from you, and maybe you don’t want them, but that doesn’t make them less human.’"

New Jersey’s Problem Abortion Center Hadn’t Been Inspected in Six Years
Atlantic City, NJ ( —
State health inspectors hadn’t inspected an Atlantic City abortion business that has been found to have multiple health code violations in six years. That’s despite a promise by state health officials to conducted inspections once every two years. The problems at the Alternatives abortion center were so profound that state officials closed the abortion facility the week after last. Tom Slater, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, said the state has been unable to keep up with inspections because of a shortage of staff and growth of abortion facilities throughout New Jersey. The Alternatives abortion center, located on the 1600 block of Pacific Avenue, is owned by City Councilman John Schultz, who also was notified of the closing last week. New Jersey Right to Life Executive Director Marie Tasy said the lack of inspections is a problem. "Although this is the second abortion clinic to be shut down in the last four months for health violations, the real story here is that the NJ Department of Health has been derelict in its duty to protect the public health of NJ citizens because it has not inspected this clinic in at least six years and only did so when they were contacted through an anonymous complaint," she said. Metropolitan Medical Clinic in Englewood was shut down for about a month last February after Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, NJ filed a complaint about a patient who almost died as a result of an abortion performed at Metropolitan. Twenty year old, Rasheedah Dinkins, was given blood transfusions after severe hemorrhaging and also had to have her uterus removed. She also suffered a stroke due to serious blood loss and had one of her lungs collapse. "This is a sad commentary on our state of affairs and our public officials who claim to be advocates for ‘women’s rights,’" Tasy commented.

Arizona Could be the Next Battleground for Assisted Suicide Advocates
Phoenix, AZ ( —
Assisted suicide advocates have lost in some of the most liberal states in the country. They failed to get bills legalizing the grisly practice approved in Vermont, Hawaii, and even California. Voters in Michigan and Main have rejected ballot proposals as well to promote euthanasia. Now assisted suicide backers want to make Arizona the next target and State Rep. Linda Lopez spoke in favor of such a bill this weekend. Her comments came at a meeting sponsored by the Arizona chapter of Compassion & Choices, the leading pro-euthanasia group in the country. "We want to build up membership to support Linda’s bills," Billie Stockl, president of the State Board of Directors for Compassion & Choices Arizona, told the Arizona Republic newspaper. "We need the numbers to show this is what Arizona wants." Lopez first put forward an assisted suicide bill in 2003 and has been proposing one each legislative session since. Pro-life groups are delighted that none of her bills have ever received a hearing. They also would likely respond to a new bill by citing the case of Jesse Ramirez, who was severely injured in a car crash in a May 30 car accident. He has since recovered form his coma and appears to be on the road to recovery.

Pro-Life Affinity Web Site Changes Focus, Still Backs Pregnancy Centers
Indianapolis, IN ( —
For several years, Buy Pro-Life served as a shopping portal and donated at least half of its retail earnings to Crisis Pregnancy Centers. The look and feel of the site has since changed. However, the focus of the site remains the same: raise needed funds for CPCs while providing a useful service to the pro-life community. The site at is now a family safe search engine using Google’s Custom Search technology. According to Tony Silva, the site’s Web servant, the change in format was made necessary by the rules Internet affinity publishers must follow for most stores. While the site no longer promotes the fact that half of its retail earnings is donated to CPCs, the donation program remains the primary purpose of the site. "Recasting our site as a family safe search engine allows us to continue offering links to popular products and services and a full service Web store without breaking any rules," Silva said. With the switch to a custom search engine format, Buy Pro-Life can now work with CPCs to identify businesses and organizations that support pro-life causes. While the search results are identical to those found with Google’s "Safe Search" feature, some may have a comment that the company listed was labeled by a CPC as a pro-life business. There is no charge to the CPC or to the business for this service.

Bangladesh Woman Found Dead After Botched Legal Abortion
Dhaka, Bangladesh ( —
An unidentified 25 year-old woman was found dead at the residence of a transport businessman at Mohammadpur in the city on Sunday. She died due to excessive bleeding following an abortion, Dhaka Medical College (DMC) morgue sources told the Daily Star newspaper. Police recovered her body from the residence of Nazrul Islam, a transport businessman, at Mohammadia Housing Limited. Later police sent the body to the DMC morgue for autopsy. Sub-Inspector Abdul Bari told The Daily Star that although her identity could not be known, they heard locals used to call her ‘Moni’ and that she worked as a maid in the community. Bari said Moni went to the house of Nazrul to work for him shortly before her death.

Canadian Football Team Owner Gives Millions for Embryonic Research
Ottawa, Canada ( —
The owner of a Canadian football team has given millions of dollars to stem cell research and some of it will go towards the embryonic kind that destroys human life. David Braley, owner of the Canadian Football League’s B.C. Lions, is contributing $50 million to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario — and $15 million of that money will go towards a stem cell research institute. "I think this gift from Mr. Braley within the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine… will be part of how we rebuild the region and I think of how we rebuild part of the country’s biotech framework," Mick Bhatia of the McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute told CTV’s Canada AM. While stem cell research in general can potentially yield positive benefits, ethical concerns have circulated around embryonic stem cell research in particular as it can require the destruction of an embryo. Bhatia maintains that at least in the initial phases, only embryonic stem cell lines that have already been established will be used in research to alleviate pain for diabetes, spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’s disease.