Get Ready for 2008, A Pro-Life Candidate Will Win the Presidential Election

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 29, 2007   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Get Ready for 2008, A Pro-Life Candidate Will Win the Presidential Election Email this article
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by Nathan Tabor
April 29, 2007 Note: Nathan Tabor is an indepenent columnist.

To hear the mainstream news media tell it, the only issue really in play in the 2008 Presidential election is the war in Iraq.

And, lest the voting public forget, the media are quick to report each casualty, mishap, and difficulty in Baghdad as mounting evidence for an immediate and unqualified U.S. troop withdrawal.

What you’re not hearing about is an issue that is likely to have a decisive impact on the Presidential race: abortion.

That’s right — the issue the media hate to talk about is still important to a vast number of voters. And, for a majority of those for whom abortion is the top issue, a pro-life candidate is the only acceptable choice.

By and large, the Republican candidates for President — with the notable exception of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani — oppose legal abortion. In sharp contrast, the Democratic Party’s crop of candidates trumpet a radical pro-abortion viewpoint which is opposed by a majority of the American public.

The major media would like you to believe that abortion does not matter in this Presidential election cycle — but the fact is, it may matter more today than ever before. That’s because the next President could appoint the U.S. Supreme Court justice who could tip the balance against Roe v. Wade, the tragic High Court decision which has killed more than 47 million young Americans and left a number of mothers physically and emotionally scarred.

I often find it curious that the nightly news reports a day-by-day count of fatalities in Iraq, yet completely ignores the millions of children killed by abortion. Say what you will about the Iraq war — in terms of a death count, when compared to America’s war against the unborn, it doesn’t even come close.

And yet, curiously enough, though publicity about abortion is sparse, it continues to be a key political issue for a number of Americans. I would argue that that is, in fact, good news. It means that many Americans are not satisfied to think about what the media tells them to think about. Rather, they’re independent-minded enough to see through the media bias and recognize the fact that abortion represents a devastating American tragedy that has sapped our strength and undermined our greatness.

Pundits may claim that the unborn child is simply a clump of cells, but many Americans have seen the evidence with their own eyes of the humanity of the unborn child, thanks to the development of Ultrasound. They know it’s a baby in the sonogram — even if a news anchor making a multi-million-dollar salary cannot recognize that fact.

My prediction for ’08 is that, as it has in other Presidential campaign years, abortion will continue to be a significant election issue.

And the candidate who espouses the pro-life side will win the White House, no matter how hard some members of the media work to push the vote count in favor of the pro-abortion candidate. Pro-lifers are simply more committed to an electoral victory than those who support the destruction of the most vulnerable members of our society. Virtue is, in the end, more likely to achieve victory than vice is.