Pro-Life News: Stem Cell Research Bill, John Bolton, Eric Keroack

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 20, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
November 20
, 2006

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Advocates 30 Votes Short of Veto Override
Washington, DC ( —
Embryonic stem cell research advocates are admitting that they are about 30 votes short in the House of being able to successfully override a likely second veto from President Bush. Both House and Senate Democrats say they plan to pass another bill forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research but they won;t have enough votes to overturn the veto. "The November elections did not produce veto-proof congressional majorities in favor of expanded federal funding for research involving embryonic stem cells," the American Medical Association admitted in an article in the latest issue of its publication. Though Democrats won control of Congress for the first time since 1994 and promised to pursue the issue, it appears the House will fall about 30 votes shy of a veto-proof roll call, according to James Fossett of the Alden March Bioethics Institute in Albany, New York. "It’s the states that are going to continue to spend the money and take the initiative," Dr. Fossett said. However, the Bush administration has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on adult stem cell research that has already been helping patients with about 70 diseases and conditions.

Pro-Life Group Urges Senate to Approve John Bolton for UN Ambassador
Washington, DC ( —
A leading pro-life organization says John Bolton should be confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Concerned Women for America sent a letter to each U.S. Senator outlining the Ambassador’s outstanding credentials and accomplishments. Under Bolton’s direction, the U.S. continues to promote pro-life policies on abortion and abstinence at UN meetings and in debates on UN documents and treaties. “As Acting Ambassador to the U.N. for the past fifteen months, Mr. Bolton has proven he has the diplomatic skills for the job," CWA president Wendy Wright said. "Ambassador Bolton’s impeccable credentials, his formidable grasp of diplomatic issues of the day and his record of accomplishment as Acting Ambassador leave no room for doubt that he is the right man for the job." However, Senate Democrats are threatening to hold up his nomination and President Bush may have to consider another recess appointment to keep Bolton in his post.

Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion Groups React to Bush’s Keroack Appointment
Washington, DC ( —
Groups on both sides of the abortion debate reacted to the news that President Bush appointed pro-life Dr. Eric Keroack as deputy assistant secretary for Health and Human Services. For many in the crisis pregnancy and abstinence movements, Dr. Keroack is already a household name. Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said Bush is "Keeping his promise to appoint men and women who respect the culture of life." Perkins said, "We applaud the president for his decision. While President Bush has been an outspoken voice for bipartisanship of late, FRC is grateful to know that working across party lines doesn’t mean abandoning core values." But Nancy Keenan of the pro-abortion group NARAL said "Despite the clear mandate for change from voters in last week’s election, President Bush is undeterred in his anti-choice agenda." She added: "It’s clear Bush and his anti-choice backers have no intention of letting up in their irrational agenda against reducing unintended pregnancy and a woman’s right to choose."

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, Spotlight on Foster Kids
Washington, DC ( —
November is National Adoption Awareness Month but adoption advocate Janet Alston Jackson says she’s worried that so many prospective American parents are looking to foreign countries to adopt babies. She said kids need homes right here in the United States. "Our foster children in the United States have a stigma attached labeling them damaged so many people run to other countries to adopt,” says Jackson. "People think that if they follow celebrity leads, they can get a child overseas who doesn’t have issues. But that’s not always true," she said. "Many newly adoptive parents need mental health support to help them and their children adjust no matter where a child was born. We have a child mental health shortage in this country which is the real need," Jackson explained. Jackson is the author of “A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love,” which recounts her eleven-year ordeal dragging her adopted son to 22 different mental health experts before finding him help with attachment issues. “He wouldn’t have become violent if he was diagnosed correctly and early," she said.

Delaware Pro-Life Advocate Tops Other Candidates With Write-In Effort
Dover, DE ( —
Christine O’Donnell lost the Republican primary for a Senate seat in Delaware. Not content with defeat, she mounted a write-in candidacy and picked up a whopping 11,127 votes thanks to her pro-life message on abortion and embryonic stem cell research. The write-in campaign got her more votes than candidates on the ballot such as Senate candidate Libertarian William Morris third party U.S. House candidates Michael Berg, who got 4,463 votes on the Green Party ticket, and Karen Hartley-Nagle, who got 5,769 votes on the Independent Party ticket. "I’m thrilled. It isn’t a bad showing for someone who only [officially] campaigned for two-and-a-half weeks," O’Donnell told the News Journal newspaper. "I think this sends a powerful message that there are values voters out there who should not be ignored." She is considering a 2008 candidacy. "I’m really praying about it," she said. "I think I did as well as I did because God wanted me to do this. But if I get out ahead and don’t listen, I could do horribly."