Australia Abortion Practitioner Won’t Go to Jail Over Illegal Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 31, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
October 31
, 2006

Sydney, Australia ( — An Australia abortion practitioner, who was convicted of illegally giving a woman a dangerous abortion drug and who had numerous complaints filed against her, will not go to jail after all. Instead of imprisonment for as much as 10 years after she was convicted of the charges, Suman Sood will go free after getting a bong for good behavior.

Sood failed to conduct a medical examination on a patient she gave a dangerous abortion drug to that resulted in a botched abortion.

The woman gave birth to a premature baby boy in the toilet in her bathroom at home and by the time paramedics could rush the infant to the hospital, he was dead.

But Judge Carolyn Simpson said that a prison sentence was not appropriate in Sood’s case.

"I do not regard these offenses as in any major way above the lower level of seriousness," Justice Simpson said, according to The Australian newspaper. "I do not believe that imposing a heavier punishment on Ms Sood is likely to add to the deterrent effect of the circumstances I have mentioned."

"This is not a case in which Ms Sood ought to bear the burden of punishment for what others might do in the future," the judge added.

After the decision, Sood thanked some of the women who had abortions at her abortion business who wrote to Judge Simpson asking for leniency.

"They have always been very, very supportive and they have always stood by my side," Sood said, according to the newspaper.

However, not everyone agrees and Sood will not be able to practice medicine for 10 years after a state medical panel ruled she was guilty of medical misconduct.

The ruling came after the panel heard 11 complaints against Sood.

The complaints centered on the way Sood handled abortions done on various women. Some 11 women who received abortion or other medical care from her since 1998 filed the complaints.

One of the women said Sood treated her in June 2002 even though the abortion practitioner’s medical license was suspended at the time.

Sood, who sometimes does non-abortion medical work, told the woman she had cancer and only two or three months to live. Later, the woman saw a specialist who told her the diagnosis was wrong and that she didn’t have cancer.

Another woman said Sood did an abortion on her but it failed. She returned to Sood’s abortion business to have the abortion completed and Sood charged her for an additional abortion.

The woman told the Herald newspaper she later went to a hospital with severe bleeding and doctors there told her she had fibroids.

Following the conviction in the illegal abortion case, Sood voluntarily took her name off of the nation’s medical register and will no longer do abortions. She had done more than 10,000 before convicted of the improper abortion.