California Abortion Advocates Run False Ad on Parental Notification

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 30, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
October 30
, 2006

Sacramento, CA ( — Abortion advocates in California have put up a new television ad attempting to scare state residents about the potential effects of a statewide measure that would allow parents to know when their minor daughters are considering an abortion. The ad talks only about the rare cases in which a teen comes from a troubled home.

The new commercial raises the fear that some teenagers may come form abusive home situations though it doesn’t say how a secret abortion would help them escape that.

Sponsored by Planned Parenthood, the commercial features a back yard scene and a bubble floating in the air. As it moves towards the house, viewers can hear raised voices inside suggesting violence against a young girl.

"Some girls do not enjoy the relationship with their parents that you may have," an announcer says in the ad.

"Prop. 85 would force girls to notify an abusive or violent parent that they are pregnant, and this puts them in real danger," the announcer says. "Please, think outside your bubble and vote no on Prop. 85."

However, in an analysis from Peter Hecht of the Sacramento Bee newspaper, the ad paints a false picture of Proposition 85.

"The ad’s claim that Proposition 85 would force girls to notify parents they are pregnant is technically incorrect," Hecht wrote Monday.

"The initiative would require doctors — not the girls themselves — to notify a parent or guardian before performing abortions on girls younger than 18," Hecht explained.

"The commercial also doesn’t mention that Proposition 85 would allow a minor girl to petition a juvenile court to avoid the parental notification requirement," Hecht adds. "A parent or guardian doesn’t need to be informed of an abortion if the judge determines the girl could be subjected to abuse or danger, or rules that she is mature enough to make her own decisions about an abortion."

The campaign for prop 85 has raised more than $4.5 million while Planned Parenthood has raised more than $5.6 million to oppose the measure and expects millions more.

The most recent poll has the California initiative essentially tied because the results are within the margin of error. Conducted by Datamar Inc., it shows 46.3 percent of California residents back Proposition 85 while 45.2 percent opposed it.

The survey shows decline in support for the parental notification proposal from 48.5 to 46.3 percent from a September Datamar poll. Opposition to the measure is up from 42 percent in September.

Other polls have shown a close race as well and an August Field Poll showed voters split 45 to 44 against Proposition 85.

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