California Parental Notification on Abortion Debate Focuses on Predators

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 17, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

California Parental Notification on Abortion Debate Focuses on Predators Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
October 17
, 2006

Sacramento, CA ( — The debate over a California initiative allowing parents to be notified when their minor daughter is considering an abortion is heating up over the issue of sexual predators. Pro-life advocates say that the measure would help protect teens while a spokesman for an abortion business says they’re already protected.

Proposition 85 would amend the state Constitution to require abortion practitioners to tell the parents of a young teenager about her potential abortion 48 hours in advance.

Albin Rhomberg, a spokesman for the group backing the measure, told the Los Angeles Times that abortion is the only serious medical procedure that doesn’t require parental notification.

He also indicated the notification requirement would protect teens who may possibly be victims of sexual abuse. He told the Times that minors "need to be protected from their immaturity and vulnerability."

"These girls who think these sexual predators on the Internet are Prince Charming — how can [parents] be responsible … if the abortion is secret?" he asked.

Rhomberg added that "secret abortions on minors in California are rarely reported to child protective services although these pregnancies are evidence of statutory rape and sexual abuse."

Kathy Kneer, the chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, the largest abortion business in the state, claims that’s not true.

"They’re trying to say our staff, our healthcare professionals, are aiding and abetting child sexual predators, and we find that to be ludicrous, unsubstantiated, and we’re not going to let them get away with it," she told the Los Angeles newspaper.

But Rhomberg’s group has proof that Planned Parenthood, which is spending $5 million to defeat the parental notification measure, is willing to hide cases of sexual abuse to profit from abortions.

At the web site of the proposal’s sponsor, you can find more than 60 undercover tape recordings and transcripts in which Planned Parenthood staff assure a caller who says she’s 13 years old and pregnant by a 22-year-old man that her parents will not be notified. In fact, the staffer says Planned Parenthood will not notify law enforcement authorities about the statutory rape—in clear violation of the law.

While Planned Parenthood has collected Medi-Cal payments for performing tens of thousands of abortions on pregnant minor girls, the abortion operation has filed almost no reports of sexual abuse or statutory rape.

In fact, a recent NBC Dateline program, “To Catch a Predator,” revealed that 50 Internet sexual predators came within a three-day-period to a decoy home in Riverside County, California, in an attempt to have sexual intercourse with minor children.

One study showed that, of the more than 46,000 pregnancies of school-age girls in California, two-thirds were impregnated by adult men with a mean age of 22.6 years.

“Passage of the (California) initiative will help expose such exploitation, so parents can rescue their daughters from destructive situations,” said Paul Laubacher of the Parents’ Right to Know group.

Laubacher, an intensive care unit nurse and father of two daughters who resides in Sacramento, said abortion should be no different from other medical procedures where parents are routinely both told about the procedure and required to approve it.

“Certainly a mother or father would want to be at least notified before any invasive surgical or medical procedure is performed by an unknown doctor on their minor child," he explained. It’s just common sense and good public health policy to protect the health and safety of young girls."

The battle is close — an August Field Poll showed voters split 45 to 44 against Proposition 85 — and abortion advocates know they need to hit hard during the last few weeks of the campaign to convince voters to oppose it.

Newspapers have been split on the measure with the San Diego Union-Tribune, Long Beach Press Telegram, the Daily Breeze, Paradise Post, Orange County Register and Antelope Valley Press supporting it while many others have issued editorials urging voters to reject it.

The Field Poll showed Democrats oppose the parental notification measure on a 61 to 28 percent margin, independents oppose it 50-38 and Republicans are almost three to one in favor of it (67 to 24 percent).

Men favor parental notification 53 to 40 but women are opposed by a 51 to 36 percent margin.

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