NARAL Wish List Calls for More Abortions if Congress Changes Hands

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 5, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

NARAL Wish List Calls for More Abortions if Congress Changes Hands Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
October 5
, 2006

Washington, DC ( — One of the nation’s top abortion advocacy groups has developed a wish list of legislative and policy results it hopes to achieve if abortion advocates wind up with control of Congress following the November elections.

While pro-life candidates are running for Congress in both political parties, NARAL is hoping Democrats gain control of both the House and Senate, because the current members of Democratic leadership back legalized abortion.

Should that happen, the group says it will have a field day promoting abortion.

In a fundraising email NARAL sent to its members that obtained, the group asked them to "imagine a Congress in pro-choice hands."

"With a House or Senate under pro-choice leadership, we will turn pro-choice values into pro-choice policies," the group warned.

With abortion advocates running the show, NARAL says it would "control the powerful Judiciary committee and stop George Bush from placing new anti-choice judges on the Supreme Court and other federal courts."

Moreover, NARAL celebrates that pro-abortion lawmakers "would control key committees" and "instantly become a majority on every panel."

"Rather than sitting through anti-choice hearing after hearing, called by anti-choice committee chairs, new committee chairs could spend their time promoting" abortion, NARAL wrote.

Pro-life lawmakers would "no longer have a forum to spread propaganda on the “myths and effects” of Roe v. Wade, nonexistent syndromes like “post-abortion trauma,” or allegations that RU 486 is dangerous for women."

"Pro-choice forces would control the Senate and House floor schedules," the group added.

As a result, pro-life legislation would likely not receive committee hearings or be voted down if it is ever brought up.

The prospect presents significant concerns for pro-life advocates who worried about not only stacked panels promoting abortion, but abortion advocates launching one-sided investigations to revoke funding for or shut down crisis pregnancy centers or abstinence programs.

NARAL promised to force taxpayers to pay for family planning policies that include the morning after pill, which may cause an abortion in certain instances and has been proven to not reduce abortions or teen pregnancies.

The group also wants to pass legislation forcing pharmacists to dispense any drug such as the morning after pill. That requirement could later wind up covering drugs used in assisted suicides or the dangerous RU 486 abortion pill.

NARAL also said it would urge pro-abortion lawmakers to hold hearings on the Bush administration’s pro-life views designed to discredit such policies and making sure taxpayer funds aren’t used to promote or pay for abortions in other nations.

In its agenda, if its allies gain control of Congress, NARAL promises to restore funding for the UNFPA, has been involved in China’s one-child, forced abortion family planning policies. It will also force hospitals, including pro-life religious or private ones, to give the morning after pill to victims of rape or incest.