Florida Police Officer Kills Boyfriend, Commits Suicide After Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 25, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Florida Police Officer Kills Boyfriend, Commits Suicide After Abortion

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by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
September 25
, 2006

Plantation, FL (LifeNews.com) — A Florida police officer killed her boyfriend and then shot herself apparently after she became haunted by an abortion she had just weeks earlier. Witnesses told authorities they think the abortion prompted the stress that caused her to engage in the shootings.

Laura Grunas has an argument with her boyfriend Robert Peat on August 4 and police told her after they were called about the incident that she had to leave his home.

Grunas returned a short time later to the house, AP reported, killed Peat and then committed suicide.

Michael Roth, a police officer and friend of Peat’s told AP that he witnessed the argument and was at Peat’s house when Grunas returned later.

During the argument, Roth said Grunas told him, "Did he tell you about killing my baby?" — referring to the abortion. Roth told authorities that Peat told him Grunas had an abortion after she found out she was pregnant.

Peat disagreed with the decision to have an abortion but eventually supported it. Still, Roth told police that Peat said the couple’s relationship grew worse following the abortion.

Numerous studies have shown that abortion causes severe depression and thoughts of suicide for women who have them.

Published in the medical journal Acta Paediatrica, an October 2005 study conducted by Priscilla Coleman, a professor at Bowling Green University, found that "emotional difficulties and unresolved grief responses" from pregnancy loss such as abortion.

A 2002 study published in the Journal of Child Psychiatry and Psychology found abortion has been linked to an increase in substance abuse and thoughts of suicide.

"The common perception seems to be that abortion solves the immediate problem of a crisis pregnancy and that therefore it must be a positive thing for women," Elliot Institute director Dr. David Reardon said.

Reardon added, "However, more and more studies such as this one show that abortion can have a severe and lasting impact on women’s lives, shaping their futures and the futures of their families for years to come."