Canada Women’s Org Wants Govt to Stop Funding Pro-Abortion Group

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 7, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Canada Women’s Org Wants Govt to Stop Funding Pro-Abortion Group Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 7
, 2006

Ottawa, Canada ( — A Canadian women’s group wants the nation’s government there to stop funding a pro-abortion women’s organization. Real Women of Canada says the Status of Women Canada doesn’t represent the views of all women in the country because the organization promotes abortion.

Real Women recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper which has prompted the pro-abortion group to conduct a letter campaign of its own.

The initial letter, sent to Harper and members of parliament, urged the government to stop funding Status of Women, which is technically a government agency. The letter also urged the government to disband the organization.

According to a Canadian Christianity report, Real Women’s letter said Status of Women has no purpose except "to promote the views of a handful of extremist feminist organizations at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer."

The group has about 55,000 members across Canada and says the agency doesn’t represent them.

Responding to the letter, Status of Women wrote to lawmakers and received the support of prominent pro-abortion groups and the Canadian Union of Public Employees. It also got Liberal Party leadership candidate Scott Brison on its side and he wrote a letter to Harper defending the group and calling the women involved in Real Women "extreme right-wing."

Real Women national vice president Gwen Landolt says its latest campaign has been receiving more support than previous efforts.

"We were shocked," she told Canadian Catholic News. "We’ve been saying this for a thousand years, it seems."

Status of Women has an annual budget of about $23 million and half of the money goes to grants to various organizations.

That has been a source of contention as Real Women has been denied any funding from the agency. Status of Women refused to send the group an application for funds, but when it applied using the made-up name of a left-wing sounding group, the agency responded immediately.

Pierre Trudeau’s Liberal government founded Status of Women in the 1970s to promote women’s equality and Real Women was founded in 1983 to combat Status of Women’s bias in favor of abortion and other issues on which it has different views.

In 1999, Status of Women leaders refused to allow representatives of Real Women to attend a women’s conference.

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