Wisconsin Governor Candidate Mark Green Backs Stem Cell Research Funding

Bioethics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 6, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
September 6
, 2006

Madison, WI (LifeNews.com) — Incumbent Governor Jim Doyle may have forced the state of Wisconsin to spend money on embryonic stem cell research that has yet to help a single patient, but that doesn’t mean stem cell research shouldn’t be supported. That’s the position of gubernatorial candidate Mark Green, a congressman who wants to fund research with adult stem cells.

On Tuesday, Green proposed spending $25 million on alternative methods of obtaining embryonic stem cells that doesn’t involve the destruction of human life.

Green said the money would go to the WiCell Research Institute, a nonprofit run by the University of Wisconsin, over the next four years.

Green’s proposal comes after weeks of Doyle bashing him during the campaign by claiming he doesn’t want to offer any help to patients with a myriad of diseases and conditions. Though Doyle claims to be pro-patient, he favors funding embryonic stem cell research — which hasn’t helped humans and has failed in animal experiments.

In a press statement, Green said WiCell will award grants to researchers and biotech firms looking to find embryonic stem cells with moral and ethical methods. None of the money will go to research that involves destroying human life.

Green said his proposal "takes the politics out of science" by focusing on the kind of research that both sides of the debate support.

But Doyle campaign spokesman Anson Kaye blasted Green for backing stem cell research and claimed he proposed a "red herring designed to trick voters into thinking he supports stem cell research."

In an AP interview, Kaye called adult stem cell research "unproven," despite patients only being cured or treated by it rather than with embryonic stem cells.

"It’s irresponsible and dishonest for him to hold up unproven science to try to trick voters,” he said. "It’s just more cynical election-year double talk.”

Green has earned the support of pro-life groups with his stance on stem cell research and voted in July to uphold President Bush’s veto of a measure that would have forced taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell studies.