Colorado Liberals Less Concerned by Abortion Racism Than Wrong Figure

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 31, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Colorado Liberals Less Concerned by Abortion Racism Than Wrong Figure Email this article
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by Denny Hartford
August 31, 2006 Note: Denny Hartford has been the director of Signs Ministries for 22 years and is a longtime sidewalk counselor outside abortion businesses in the Omaha, Nebraska area. Denny and his wife, Claire Marie Hartford, were the principal founders of the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling.

Here’s the story from the Denver Post about Republican candidate for Colorado governor, Bob Beauprez, being forced to apologize for (of all things) being appalled at the number of abortions performed on black women.

Beauprez told a radio audience, “I’ve seen numbers as high as 70 percent – maybe even more – in the African-American community. That, I think, is just appalling.”

So how do Colorado liberals respond? Well, rather than deal with the fact; namely, the “appalling” rate of abortion among black women itself, they do what comes natural — ignore the salient issues altogether and get angry at the person with the audacity to point out the obvious.

“I’m offended, and I’m sure others will be as well,” said the Rev. Reginald Holmes, pastor of New Covenant Christian Church in Denver and former head of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance. “This is evidence of the supreme irresponsibility of the man,” Holmes said. “He’s a complete irresponsible buffoon. If he can prove those statistics, then I will apologize publicly.”

Can it be true that a black leader (and a man of the cloth as well) is really offended only because Beauprez’ statistic is wrong? Really? Well then, let’s try 50% — that’s about the figure that even the pro-abortion Alan Gutmacher Institute admits is the national rate for abortions among blacks.

Reverend, shouldn’t that reality be the focus of your moral offense? For the “supreme irresponsibility” is refusing to deal with the horrific tragedy of so many black babies ending up in the grisly maw of the abortion clinic.

Indeed, instead of trying to divert attention from the real issue here, it seems you should be thanking Mr. Beauprez for caring enough to be bothered…and for wanting to bring the appropriate resources to bear.