Pro-Life Election News: Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Oregon

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 22, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 22, 2006

Republican Fundraising Slightly Ahead of Democrats for November Elections
Washington, DC ( —
Republicans outdistanced Democrats by a 3-1 margin in election fundraising in July, but lead only slightly in the amount of money in the bank for fall election advertising and get out the vote efforts. The money race gives the GOP a slight advantage as Democrats try to capture 15 seats in the House to take over control of the chamber. The NRCC has raised $70 million and has $34.1 million in the bank while the Democratic Congressional committee has brought in $81 million this cycle and $33 million cash on hand. On the Senate side, Democrats have a $14.5 million advantage in cash on hand as it tries to win six more seats to give it control of the chamber. Pro-life groups say that Democratic control of Congress would stall pro-life legislation and would make it easier for lawmakers who back embryonic stem cell research to try to overturn President Bush’s veto of taxpayer funding of it.

Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey Talks Abortion With Washington Times Newspaper
Harrisburg, PA ( —
Democratic senate candidate Bob Casey, who opposes abortion, talked about the key issue with the Washington Times newspaper in an interview published Tuesday. Casey is challenging pro-life Sen. Rick Santorum, a Republican who has the backing of pro-life groups for his longtime work to protect life. Casey said he would have voted for the Child Custody Protection Act, but he did not say what he thought about the hold Democrats have placed on the bill preventing it from going to President Bush for his signature even though both the House and Senate approved it. Asked how he would work with Democrats in the Senate, who are almost all pro-abortion, he said, "On the issue of abortion, my position has been different than the national party for a long time. Even though there is significant and intense disagreement on both sides of that issue, there actually is something everyone agrees on: reduce the number of abortions. People expect you in that body, especially from a state like Pennsylvania, which is large and diverse, to have an independent streak. It’s very important for this state to have that. When people review my record and the way I’ve approached issues, I’ve been independent on a lot of things."

Missouri Candidate McCaskill Gets Willie Nelson Backing Over Sen. Talent
Jefferson City, MO ( —
Infamous country music singer Willie Nelson is slated to endorse the campaign of pro-abortion Democrat Claire McCaskill in her race against pro-life Sen. Jim Talent, a Republican. The endorsement will come before a concert Tuesday night in Columbia. Nelson is backing McCaskill because of her views on farming even though several major state agricultural organizations have endorsed Talent, who is a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Nelson also says he supports the Democrat because she backs taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research, which Talent opposes because it involves the destruction of human life. Talent leads McCaskill 46-44 percent according ot the latest Rasmussen poll.

Wisconsin Governor’s Race Sees Doyle Leading Green by Eight Percent
Madison, WI ( —
Pro-abortion Gov. Jim Doyle is leading pro-life Congressman Mark Green in their race for governor. After two previous polls showed his overall numbers unchanged, incumbent Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle (D) has added two points to his lead over Republican Congressman Mark Green and now leads in his re-election race 49% to 41%. Doyle hasn’t yet broken 50 percent, but the poll is his best showing yet. green’s high point was in April when he received 43 percent in a Rasmussen Reports poll. Doyle is doing better among Democrats (83 percent) according to Rasmussen’s survey than Green is among Republicans (77 percent) and leads 15-12 percent among crossover votes by attracting more Republicans than Green is getting Democrats. The favorability ratings are almost identical with Doyle’s favorables slightly ahead and unfavorable ratings slightly lower.

Oregon Officials May Take Constitution Party Candidate Off Ballot
Salem, OR ( —
Oregon officials are investigating whether Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Mary Starrett should be taken off the November ballot because of a nomination process that may not have followed state law. Kelly Clark, an attorney and former Republican lawmaker, filed a complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office alleging that the party failed to file a notice in a newspaper saying it would have its statewide nominating session. The party met on June 3 to nominate Starrett, who is pro-life, to run for the office against Republican nominee Ron Saxton and pro-abortion Gov. Ted Kulongoski, the Democrat. Starrett says Republicans are simply trying to get her off the ballot because she will drain GOP votes in their bid to defeat Kulongoski. Pro-life advocates are hoping to defeat Kulongoski because he has repeatedly vetoed pro-life legislation that Saxton has said he would sign into law if he is elected. According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports election survey of 500 likely Oregon voters, Kulongoski ahead 49% to 35% over Saxton. That’s an increase over last month when he lead 45 to 35 percent.

Arkansas Gov Candidate Mike Beebe Losing Lead to Asa Hutchinson
Little Rock, AR ( —
A new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports finds State Attorney General Mike Beebe’s (D) lead continues to evaporate in his gubernatorial contest with former Congressman Asa Hutchinson (R), who is pro-life. Beebe now leads Hutchinson 45% to 41% and a July survey showed a 47 to 40 percent lead. Rasmussen says Beebe recently began airing television commercials, indicating his campaign may see the race tightening as well. The poll also found Hutchinson doing better with his GOP base, with 81 percent support, than Beebe is doing with Democrats (73 percent support). The poll also found that 51 percent of state residents define their position on abortion as pro-life.