Pro-Life News: Hyde Abortion Award, Embryonic Stem Cell Research

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 7, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
May 7, 2006

Henry Hyde Receives Proudly Pro-Life Award for Longtime Leadership
Washington, DC ( —
Longtime pro-life congressman Henry Hyde received the lifetime achievement award from the National Right to Life Committee at the annual Proudly Pro-Life Awards dinner last week. Hyde was a leader in the fight to ban partial-birth abortions and his statesmanship and eloquence has won him the respect of pro-life and pro-abortion advocates alike. But Hyde is best known as the author of the Hyde Amendment, first introduced in 1977, that prohibited the use of federal taxpayer funds to pay for abortions in the Medicaid program. The Supreme Court eventually upheld the prohibition as constitutional in the Harris v. McRae case in 1980 and it’s very likely that millions of people are alive today because of it. "What distinguishes Henry Hyde from those who have fallen away from the cause of life is his clear perception that the right-to-life issue is different from other legislative issues," NRLC president Wanda Franz said. "Of course, it has been a long battle; and many have tired of the fight and left our cause in frustration and anger at the slow pace of pro-life accomplishments. Congressman Henry Hyde, however, has stayed the course and served as a true leader, inspiring us to continue our efforts." "The Hyde Amendment is a monument to the man who said no to the wanton destruction of innocent human life," FRC president Tony Perkins added.

Rudy Giuliani in Iowa for Republican Appearance, Mum on 2008 White House Bid
Des Moines, IA ( —
Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was in Iowa for a Republican Party appearance last week but he did not say whether he would be a candidate for president in 2008. Giuliani’s first stop was a state Republican Party event in Des Moines and later the pro-abortion ex-mayor headed to Davenport to help raise money for Jim Nussle, a pro-life candidate for Iowa governor. The last time he was in Iowa was to campaign for President Bush’s re-election bid. He is one of three New York politicians considering a White House bid next time. Others include pro-abortion Sen. Hillary Clinton, a possible Democrat running for president and pro-abortion New York governor George Pataki is another potential Republican candidate. Pataki recently met with GOP leaders in New Hampshire, the first primary state. Iowa hold the first party caucus meetings and leads off the presidential primaries. Like Giuliani, Pataki and Clinton refuse to say whether they’ll run.

Pro-Life Senator Backs Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Alternatives
Washington, DC ( —
Leading pro-life Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) has signed on to legislation that would provide funding for a process that some hope will lead to obtaining embryonic stem cells for research without the destruction of human life. Santorum, who opposes the unproven research, joined with Sen. Arlen Specter, who supports it, at a news conference to discuss the bill. The measure is meant to be a compromise to a bill that would overturn President Bush’s limits on using taxpayer funds for the destructive research. It would require the National Institutes of Health to find and fund new methods for obtaining human embryonic stem cells without destroying human life. Santorum said the new methods would not be "controversial" according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, though pro-life groups are skeptical. "There are some who believe that … there is controversy around these new entities — these collections of cells — as to whether it is an embryo or not," Santorum said during a news conference at the University of Pennsylvania. "I feel comfortable, given all of the conversations I have had with a number of bioethicists, that these are appropriate steps to take."

Illinois Budget Likely Won’t Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research This Year
Springfield, IL ( —
Senate President Emil Jones said he doesn’t think the final version of the Illinois state budget is going to include state funds for embryonic stem cell research. Lawmakers adopted a $56 billion budget on Thursday night and it didn’t include any funds for the controversial research. Gov. Rod Blagojevich has said he wants to spend as much as $100 million over the next several years on the destructive research. He spend $10 million last year in public funds on the research without the legislature’s approval, which upset lawmakers, and he hoped to increase that amount. Blagojevich spokeswoman Abby Ottenhoff told AP the governor is trying some last-minute efforts to get the money in the budget. "We’re looking at options to see what might be possible," she said.

Florida Newspaper: Push Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding in 2007
Tallahassee, FL ( —
A Florida newspaper wants state lawmakers there to press for a bill to spend state taxpayer funds on embryonic stem cell research in 2007. Governor Jeb Bush, who opposes the research because days-old unborn children are killed for their stem cells, will be out of office due to term limits and his replacement may not have the same position. Also, incoming Senate President Ken Pruitt, a Republican, plans to make forcing taxpayers to fund the grisly research a legislative priority, even though most lawmakers in his party oppose it. For those to reasons, the Palm Beach Post newspaper says next year is an excellent opportunity for Sen. Ron Klein (D) to push his bill to spend $150 million on the research. The Senate voted 20-18 this year to add Kelin’s bill to another measure but fell two votes short of the 22 needed to do that. Embryonic stem cell research has yet to cure a single patient and hasn’t yet had success even in trials on animals. Meanwhile, the use of adult stem cells has already developed dozens of cures for diseases and conditions.

Australia Labor Party Adopt Position to Legalize All Abortions in Victoria
Melbourne, Australia ( —
The Labor Party in Australia has adopted the position that the law in the Australia state of Victoria should be changed to make sure all abortions are legal. The party platform in favor of abortion comes in advance of elections in the southeastern state. The platform calls for abortions to be legal throughout pregnancy and it came despite an effort by Labor’s Catholic Right to stop it. The party platform now reads: "Labor will amend section 65 of the Crimes Act to provide that no abortion be criminal when performed by a legally qualified medical practitioner at the request of the woman concerned." The party defeated an amendment by former minister Christine Campbell and backbencher Noel Pullen to allow for limits on late-term abortions. Without the amendment Campbell said abortions would be allow up to the day of birth and past viability. Leading abortion advocates within the party spoke out against it and it was voted down. Premier Steve Bracks has repeatedly said the state government will not allow a vote on changing the law until after the November 25 elections.