Pro-Life News: South Korea Lawsuit, Fiji Abortion Trial, Romney

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 22, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 22, 2006

Women Who Donated Eggs for Faked Embryonic Stem Cell Research Sue
Seoul, South Korea ( —
Two women who donated their eggs for research conducted by Hwang Woo-suk’s team have filed a lawsuit. Their suit comes after an international scandal which saw Hwang’s team completely fake its embryonic stem cell research, meaning the controversial science is now several years behind schedule in ever finding cures for patients. Their lawsuit names the nation’s government and two medical centers, saying they were not fully informed of the risks to their health from the egg retrieval process. The suit was filed Friday and one of the women is 20 years old. They are each seeking 32 million won ($33,600) in compensation from the government, local fertility clinic Mizmedi Hospital and the Hanyang University Medical Center. Civic groups, such as the Korea Women’s Association United (KWAU) and the Lawyers for a Democratic Society (Minbyun), plan providing consulting and financial support to the two throughout the trials.

Fiji Trial Continues Over Woman Who Died From Botched Legal Abortion
Suva, Fiji ( —
A trial in the island nation of Fiji continues involving former Fiji Medical Association president Dr. Sachidar Nand Mudaliar, who is charged with manslaughter in the killing of a woman in a botched legal abortion. A government pathologist yesterday told the High Court abortion victim Poonam Pritika Kumar’s cervix had been forced open during the abortion procedure. The abortion occurred in March 2003. Dr. Esala Nainoca, Head of Pathology at the Suva’s Colonial War Memorial Hospital testified in court yesterday in the results of a team examination off the victim’s cervix. This examination was carried out by a group of doctors including Dr. Mary Schramm after the initial autopsy report by Dr Sanberkar Prashant had been handed in to police. In his findings Dr Nainoca noted the cervical canal had been dilated by more than two centimeters. He said the victim had a superficial tear on her posterior fornix or cervical wall, which indicated that it had been forced.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Expands Abstinence Programs
Boston, MA ( —
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney expanded state funding for abstinence education programs this week, in a move some observers say is yet another attempt to shore up his conservative credentials in advance of a 2008 presidential run. Under Romney’s plan, the group Healthy Futures, which is Christian based and also receives federal funds, will fund abstinence education programs in Massachusetts schools. "If we want our kids to wait to become sexually active until after they’ve graduated from high school, we‘re going to have to tell them that, rather than have them try to read our minds," Romney told a news conference. Healthy Futures will receive $800,000 in grants from the federal government to run the state programs. The state has received federal dollars in the past but, like most others, has run media campaigns. This will be the first classroom-based outreach to teenagers. President Bush has received strong support from pro-life groups for more than doubling the funding of abstinence education.

Support for Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide Falls in Finland
Helsinki, Finland ( —
Support for euthanasia and assisted suicide has fallen in the last two years, the Tampere-based daily Aamulehti reports in its Saturday issue. A poll commissioned by the paper from research agency Taloustutkimus suggests that 60 percent of Finns approve of euthanasia, down from 65 per cent in a survey carried out two years ago. Some 33 per cent of respondents said they were against euthanasia, up from 25 per cent in the previous poll. Taloustutkimus interviewed about 1,000 Finns, excluding residents of the Åland Islands. The firm estimates the margin of error to be two percentage points either way. Assisted suicide is not legal in Finland, but is rampant in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Man Who Sent Fake Anthrax Threats to Abortion Businesses Pleads Guilty
Harrisburg, PA ( —
A man who sent fake anthrax threats to numerous abortion facilities, but also crisis pregnancy centers, years ago, has plead guilty to other crimes. Clayton Lee Waagner is pleading guilty to other crimes including carjacking, robbery and weapons offenses. He has never been associated with any pro-life efforts or organizations. The crimes came just months before he sent fake anthrax notes to hundreds of abortion centers. He was already serving 49 years on various crimes when he escaped from prison. He received 19 more years for the letters and could get another 33 years for the additional crimes.