College Abortion Vandalism Continues, Princeton Pro-Life Display Trashed

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 21, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

College Abortion Vandalism Continues, Princeton Pro-Life Display Trashed Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 21, 2006

Princeton, NJ ( — Abortion vandalism is continuing at another college as abortion advocates destroyed a pro-life display pro-life students at Princeton University set up. The incident comes just one week after a professor led pro-abortion students in trashing a pro-life display at Northern Kentucky University.

Members of Princeton Pro-Life set up a pro-life flag display in front of Frist Campus Center to remember the 347 students that the group estimates are not attending Princeton this year because of abortion.

Pro-Life president Tom Haine said the vandalism occurred early Thursday morning.

The pink and blue flags the group used to represent the men and women who are not a part of this year’s freshman class were destroyed and abortion advocates replaced them with coat hangers, a pro-abortion symbol used to claim women will die form illegal abortions if it is prohibited.

The sign in front of the display explaining its significance had been trampled and abortion advocates taped computer printouts over it with the message "support smaller class sizes: support abortion" and "347 rusty coat hangers were saved from mangling and mutilation."

Caroline Chopko, a member of the group, notice the vandalism first and reported it to Haine.

"I was kind of sad that Princeton students would choose to add in such destruction," Chopko told the Daily Princetonian student newspaper. "But I was happy that people are discussing the issue."

According to the Princetonian, Haine called the college’s Public Safety office to report the incident. A representative took one of the signs to check for fingerprints but told Haine the vandalism would not be high on the office’s priority list.

Haine said he doubted they would be able to find the culprit.

Another pro-abrotion sign posted nearby contained a message on the back saying it was from Princeton Pro-Choice Vox, the student pro-abortion group, but a representative of the organization denied any involvement.

"Of course Princeton Pro-Choice Vox is opposed to any actions that deprive individuals of their civil rights, including the right to free speech," student Jeris Stueland Yruma, co-chair of the group, told the Princetonian.

Minor incidents of vandalism have occurred on campus, but Haine indicated this one was more egregious.

"This seems a little bit more vindictive. They had to accumulate many coat hangers. They had to plan this in advance," he said. "It was not just an act of passion."

"It’s tragic to see such immaturity on campus and it’s sad that people cannot respond to this debate any other way," Haine told the student newspaper. "We expect more from our fellow Princetonians."

The vandalism follows an incident at Northern Kentucky where British literature professor Dr. Sally Jacobson led several pro-abortion students in trashing a pro-life display of crosses to memorialize the deaths of babies from abortion.

Jacobson was caught on camera by the student newspaper there and NKU officials have placed her on leave and other professors have taken over her classes for the remainder of the year. She will resign following the completion of the semester.

The university has apologized to the pro-life and campus police are likely to press charges in the matter.

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