Pro-Life Briefs: Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Illinois, New Mexico

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 21, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
January 21, 2006

Billboard Company Denies Church’s Ad for Pro-Life Billboard
Ft. Myers, FL ( —
A church in Fort Myers, Florida attempted to put up a pro-life billboard earlier this month, but the national company that runs billboard ads refused the ad. Gospel Baptist Church had hoped to run a sign saying Abortion Kills Babies along with a non-graphic photo of a newborn baby. Similar signs have been features on billboards across the nation for decades. However, Lamar Advertising refused to put up the sign on the board the church leases next to a local highway. "I never dreamed there would be a problem," said Bill Henthorn a member of the church. Lamar is based in Louisiana and a company spokesman told a local newspaper that decisions on billboard contents are made by regional managers. Amazingly, Lamar approved a more controversial billboard that is up currently. The current ad from the church says, "The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction—Abortion—taking 43 millions lives and counting."

Planned Parenthood in Seattle Only One With Full-Time "Chaplain"
Seattle, WA ( —
The national Planned Parenthood abortion business has a full-time "chaplain" to help the organization look less extreme in the eyes of Americans. Around the nation, just one local Planned Parenthood affiliate has a full-time member of the clergy on staff, and that’s in Seattle. Baptist minister Vincent Lachina works at the Seattle abortion business and says he spends his time telling staff that God forgives them for the abortions they perform. Lachina, who notes that the founding of Planned Parenthood received strong support from the nation’s Episcopalian bishops, says he spends most of his time trying to rally other clergy who support abortion. Chris Charbonneau, president of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, recognizes how groups like his need to use religion to peddle their pro-abortion message. "By ignoring people of faith, we had, in essence, handed a political weapon to people who are against choice," he told the Seattle newspaper.

Illinois Group Wants Law to Keep Abortion Legal if Roe v. Wade Overturned
Springfield, IL ( —
A pro-abortion group in Illinois is putting forward a proposal it wants the state legislature to approve allowing the state to keep abortion legal should the Supreme Court ever overturn Roe v. Wade. The Illinois chapter of the National Organization for Women is pressuring lawmakers to support the idea. It will not be crafted into a bill until the 2007 legislative session, but the group is hoping to build a movement of support behind it now. Gay Bruhn, the group’s vice president, hopes to get many Democratic lawmakers on board and told the Springfield Journal-Register "I think that’s critically important in this election year, where the Democrats are trying to say, ‘That’s not important, that’s not an issue, we’re not going to mention that." She said her group may use the issue to determine which candidates to support in the primary and general elections this year.

Alabama Pro-Abortion Group Reorganized, Fights Unborn Victims Law
Montgomery, AL ( —
The pro-abortion local affiliate of the National Organization of Women in Montgomery, Alabama was recently reorganized. It’s first item of business is to oppose a measure in the state legislature that protects women. Holding signs such as "Keep Abortion Legal," and "Alito – No Justice for Women," the members of the new local group appeared at the state legislature to oppose the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. The measure would protect pregnant women and their unborn children by allowing prosecutors to hold criminals accountable for both attacking the woman and killing or injuring her unborn child. Despite their opposition, the bill passed the Alabama House on a 97-0 vote Thursday afternoon. Support for the bill has been growing since the July shooting death in Albertville of 23-year-old Brandy Parker, who was eight months pregnant.

New Mexico Teens Use Dinner Theater to Raise $ for Ultrasound Machine
Clovis, NM ( —
They haven’t graduated from college and don’t have full-time jobs that would let them donate the money, but that hasn’t stopped a group of teens in Clovis, New Mexico from doing their part to help women with crisis pregnancies. The group of pro-life teens have used various type of fundraising, including a dinner theater to raise the $25,000 needed to purchase an ultrasound machine. They hope it will help women considering an abortion to change their minds. “When most mothers and fathers see an ultrasound image, when they see the baby move, they are truly touched. It becomes real for them,” Jeremy Blaschke, 17, said. When he presented the idea to a group of almost 30 homeschool teens, they elected him president. Now, a year later, they’re about to reach their goal. What will probably put them over the top is a play about Nazi Germany they researched and performed recently at a local church.