New Report Shows New York City Still America’s Abortion Capital

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 16, 2006   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
January 16, 2006

New York, NY ( — A new report from the city government in New York shows that America’s largest city continues to be the abortion capital of the country. Even with it’s large population, more abortions are performed per capita in New York than any other metropolitan area.

According to the city’s Department of Health report on Vital Statistics, more than 90,000 abortions were performed in New York in 2004.

The abortion rates were also significantly higher as 92,000 of the 227,000 pregnancies recorded in 2004 ended in abortion. That’s a 40 percent abortion rate in a nation where the number of abortions per pregnancy is 24 percent.

Looking at it another way, 74 abortions were performed for every 100 babies born.

The new numbers show that women under the age of 25 were the most likely age category to have an abortion.

The health department report also showed that more than 6,000 abortions were performed on women who live outside the New York metro area.

Abortions for out-of-town women performed in the city increased from 57 per 1,000 to 70 out of every 1,000 between 1996 and 2004, according to the new figures.

Despite the alarming statistics, abortion advocates are celebrating the figures.

Jake Dobkin, publisher of the Gothamist, a New York City-focused blog, says the Big Apple should seek to celebrate its status as the nation’s abortion center and seek to increase it.

"New York already provides a shelter for many American women who can’t get an abortion in their home state. If Alito and his cronies manage to outlaw a woman’s right to choose, New York should seize the opportunity," Dobkin writes.

"We should triple the number of abortion clinics here. Hotels should offer weekend packages — get an abortion, see a Broadway show," he adds.

"Planned Parenthood should offer free taxi service from the airport to anyone with a positive pregnancy test," Dobkin explains — adding that the cost of abortions would more than make up for it.

"[T]he New York tourism industry will laugh all the way to the bank — after all, if there’s anything our city loves more than giving legal abortions, it’s the sweet smell of cash," Dobkin concludes.

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