Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Accused of Hiding 11 Year-Old’s Rape

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 15, 2005   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Accused of Hiding 11 Year-Old’s Rape

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by Paul Nowak Staff Writer
December 15, 2005

San Francisco, CA ( — A testimonial posted on a California Planned Parenthood abortion business’ website regarding an 11-year-old rape victim has sparked a call for an investigation into the organization’s handling of sexual abuse cases.

In the “Shared Stories” section of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate’s website, a client’s shared her story.

“I was raped at 11, by my 17 year old boyfriend. I chose not to tell my parents because I didn’t think their involvement would help, that was the right choice for me. Planned Parethood [sic] helped me deal with the aftermath of the rape allowing me to deal and cope as best as I could in my own way.”

In response, pro-life leaders have called for an investigation, as Planned Parenthood is required by law to report cases of child abuse. The abortion business has since removed the post from their web site.

When contacted, a representative of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate would not comment to on whether the rape was reported to authorities.

That has pro-life advocates up in arms.

“Statements on Planned Parenthood Golden Gate’s web site strongly indicate that the California Planned Parenthood affiliate could be guilty of being an accomplice to a crime by allowing a rapist to remain free in his community,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.

“According to California state law, Planned Parenthood may be criminally negligible for not reporting the crime and there is a chance the statute of limitations still applies for the rapist,” continued Perkins, a former Louisiana state legislator.

“In the guise of protecting an 11-year-old child, Planned Parenthood has instead further made her a victim, while protecting her rapist," Perkins explained. "According to California state statistics almost 70% of teen births are children of adult men, and teenage girls are twice as likely to have sexually transmitted diseases as teenage boys."

“Who is watching out for the children?” concluded Perkins. “This is standard operating procedure for Planned Parenthood and in this case California’s attorney general needs to investigate and, if necessary, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

This isn’t the first time Planned Parenthood Golden Gate has come under fire.

In September 2003, 18-year-old Holly Patterson died after receiving the abortion drug Mifeprex, also known as RU-486, from the Planned Parenthood chapter.

Planned Parenthood has been accused of telling patients to take one part of the drug vaginally instead of orally, as recommended by the FDA. That has resulted in the deaths of four California women who developed deadly bacterial infections as a result.

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