British Conservative MP Liam Fix: Limit Abortions to 12 Weeks

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 20, 2005   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 20, 2005

London, England ( — Leading British Conservative Party member Liam Fox has upped his bid to become the leader of the party by proposing the Britain change its abortion laws. Fox wants the European nation to ditch its limit of allowing most abortions at 24 weeks into pregnancy and to move it down to 12 weeks.

Fox says the change in the abortion law is important to reduce the number of abortions and stop those who "kill" unborn children, he said.

Fox’s proposal comes after pro-life MP Edward Leigh threatened to come up with a Tory leader from among a group of 25 pro-life members of parliament he works with, including former party leader Iain Duncan Smith.

Attempting to halt their bid to head the party, Fox, a doctor, made his abortion pledge in a television interview.

"I would like to see the time limit reduced," he told Channel 4’s Morgan and Platell political discussion show. "I’d like to see it brought down serially from 20 [weeks]. I’d like to see it well below 20; I’d like to see us looking at limits more akin to some of the European countries at 12 to 14 weeks."

"I think that a society that actually aborts 180,000 unborn children every year is a society that needs to be asking a lot of questions about itself," Fox added.

"For me it’s a simple personal belief. It says, thou shall not kill, it doesn’t say, thou shall not kill unless Parliament says it’s OK," he explained on the show.

Fox is thought to have about a dozen supporters for his bid and the backing of the pro-life members aligned with Leigh and Smith would be a huge boost.

His comments come at a time when politicians on all sides of the political spectrum are calling for more restrictions on abortion and lowering the limit.

Michael Howard, the Tory leader, has called for lowering the abortion limit to 20 weeks into pregnancy.