Planned Parenthood Abortion Video Backs Violence Against Pro-Lifers

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 9, 2005   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 9, 2005

Washington, DC ( — An online cartoon video sponsored by a Planned Parenthood affiliate in California is drawing sharp criticism because it advocates violence against pro-life advocates. The video is sponsored by Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, the abortion business that distributed the dangerous abortion pill to teenager Holly Patterson — ultimately killing her.

The PPGG video features a cartoon superhero who travels the globe to promote abortion and oppose abstinence education.

Music reminiscent of doomsday booming introduces the cartoon and Planned Parenthood’s self-described mission. An African-American woman dressed as a superhero begins her journey in California promoting contraception and birth control.

She tells viewers that pro-life people often protest outside Planned Parenthood and claims they "can sometimes become unruly."

“But mostly, I just wish they would disappear," the character says.

Next, the "Superhero for Choice" shoots each protester with a gun that envelopes the pro-life person in a condom. The condoms explode and the protesters die.

The abortion activist cartoon character happily explains that, with the death of the protesters, people can now visit the abortion business "without intimidation or violence."

At the end of the video, during the rolling of the credits, a pro-life person is decapitated.

Doug Scott, president of Life Decisions International, a pro-life group that boycotts businesses which contribute to Planned Parenthood, calls the video "absolutely outrageous."

"It sends a message to teenagers that it is acceptable to eliminate those who disagree," he says of the killing of the pro-life people.

Jim Sedlak of STOPP International, a group that monitors Planned Parenthood, called for the abortion business to fire any staff members and dismiss any volunteers responsible for the making of the video because of its violent content.

Sedlak called on Planned Parenthood "issue a public apology without delay to pro-life Christians everywhere for inciting violence against them."

The superhero also travels to Washington and tosses a pro-life lawmaker into a stew pot. Shedding his suit, he emerges naked from the kettle, served on a silver platter, announcing that he “no longer has the misinformed stench of conservatism."

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate did not return a request for comment.