Abortion Practitioner Sues Kansas Board to Regain Medical License

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 18, 2005   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
July 18, 2005

Topeka, KS (LifeNews.com) — A Kansas abortion practitioner has filed a lawsuit against a state agency that regulates doctors because it revoked his medical license. Last month, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts permanently revoked Krishna Rajanna’s license for repeatedly violating health and safety standards at his abortion facility.

Rajanna claims the agency took away his license after pressure from pro-life groups.

Larry Buening, the board’s executive director, says Rajanna’s claims are unfounded and they point to criticism from pro-life organizations that say they agency acts too slowly in dealing with violations at abortion businesses.

In an email to LifeNews.com, Kansans for Life legislative director Kathy Ostrowski responded.

"It is ridiculous for Rajanna to deny that his Kansas City clinic was rodent-ridden, filthy and deficient," she said. "Even more ridiculous is his claim that the Board of Healing Arts acted as an agent for pro-lifers."

Ostrowski said Rajanna has been disciplined in various ways by Kansas officials for over five years because of the severity of the problems at his facility. She complained that the Kansas board allowed Rajanna to stay open too long over the years without correcting the problems.

A BOHA inspector made two surprise visits in March to Rajanna’s abortion business and reported that the facility was unclean, Rajanna and his staff kept syringes of medications in an unlocked refrigerator, and he found a dead mouse in the hallway.

An employee at the abortion facility first reported the problems.
She witnessed firsthand the lack of safe medical procedures at the abortion facility where she worked, including the use of dishwashers to sterilize equipment, as well as lack of background checks and medical training for medical assistants.

The former employee also cited lack of such simple procedures as cleaning the table between abortions or monitoring vital signs of patients during or after the abortions, and the storage of aborted children placed in the same refrigerator as food.

In comments to a state House committee, the former abortion facility staffer also said that all medical waste, including bio-hazardous and contaminated was taken to Rajanna’s home and placed on the curb at his home for residential pickup.

Rajanna filed the petition last week in Wyandotte County District Court, seeking a review of the board’s decision. He asked the court to reinstate his license.

He also contends he has cleaned up his abortion facility, located in a poor section of Kansas City.

Rajanna had also been disciplined in 2000 and 2001 for not testing patients for their blood types and not properly labeling medications.

The BOHA agency is also investigating the death of a woman at a Wichita late-term abortion facility run by George Tiller. The investigation was ordered by Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who received criticism for vetoing a bill that would have held abortion businesses to high health and safety standards.

Pro-life organizations say they have witnesses abortion facility staff taking away two other women this year, appearing to have died from abortions there.

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