Terri Schiavo’s Parents’ Last Motion on Terri Saying "I Want to Live"

Bioethics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 25, 2005   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Terri Schiavo’s Parents’ Last Motion on Terri Saying "I Want to Live" Email this article
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by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
March 25
, 2005

Clearwater, FL (LifeNews.com) — Terri Schiavo’s parents have filed what they say could be their last legal motion in the case to prevent the starvation death of their daughter. This motion covers a situation on Friday where Terri tried to tell an attorney for Bob and Mary Schindler that she wanted to live.

Just before representatives of her estranged husband Michael removed her feeding tube Friday afternoon, Terri Schiavo reportedly told an attorney for her parents that she wanted to live.

Barbara Weller, one of the attorneys for Terri’s parents Bob and Mary Schindler, told reporters about her visit with Terri on Friday.

"Terri, if you would just say, ‘I want to live,’ all of this will be over," she told the disabled woman.

Weller said Terri desperately tried to repeat Weller’s words.

"’I waaaaannt …,’ Schiavo allegedly said. Weller described it as a prolonged yell that was loud enough that police stationed nearby entered the hospice room.

"She just started yelling, ‘I waaaannt, I waaaannt,’" Weller explained.

The Schindlers’ motion says Terri tried to express her wishes not to be starved to death and that should supersede an alleged conversation she had with her estranged husband Michael before her 1990 collapse.

That conversation, where she supposedly indicated she didn’t want any extraordinary measures taken to prolong her life, has been used as the basis for court decisions authorizing her death.

Circuit Court Judge George Greer, who ordered Terri’s starvation, held an afternoon hearing on the motion and will decide on it by noon tomorrow.

Weller said it would take a miracle for Terri to survive the weekend and called the motion the "final shot" in the Schindlers’ efforts to save their daughter.

George Felos, the euthanasia advocate who is Michael’s lawyer, told the Associated Press that the latest filing is "crossing the line" into abusing the justice system.

The Schindlers are also waiting to hear if the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear an appeal of a revised motion to stop Terri’s starvation that a federal judge rejected Friday morning.

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