Democrat Lawmakers, Liberal Activists Back Saving Terri Schiavo

Bioethics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 25, 2005   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 25
, 2005

Washington, DC ( — Support for Terri Schiavo and her parents efforts to prevent her painful starvation death isn’t just limited to conservatives, Republicans, Catholics or pro-life groups. A number of Democratic lawmakers and liberal political advocates want to protect Terri or, at least, allow her parents to have hearings in federal courts on their case.

Former presidential candidate and consumer advocate Ralph Nader says a "profound injustice is being inflicted on Terri Schiavo" and he is urging Florida courts to allow Terri to stay alive.

According to CNS News, Nader released a joint statement with noted author and attorney Wesley Smith condemning the forces causing Terri’s death.

They said the courts have imposed a "slow death" on Terri and noted that attempts should be made to allow Terri to eat or drink on her own before starving her to death.

"Terri swallows her own saliva," Nader and Smith said. "Spoon-feeding is not medical treatment. This outrageous order proves that the courts are not merely permitting medical treatment to be withheld, it has ordered her to be made dead."

Meanwhile, civil rights activist and former presidential candidate Jesse Jackson has chimed in as well.

Jackson called on Florida Governor Jeb Bush to step in and help Terri.

"I think the feeding tube should be reinstated," Jackson said in a statement and adding that she is "brain impaired" not "brain dead."

"They’re dehydrating her to death, and that raises profound ethical questions," Jackson explained. "It’s not right to starve her to death. That’s not right ethically."

Senate Democrats have also issued their support for Terri and her parents.

Senator Majority Leader Bill First, a Republican, said Harry Reid, the Nevada senator who leads the Democrats, played a key role in helping to pass the law that allowed Terri’s parents to take their case to federal courts.

Sen. Bill Nelson from Terri’s home said Terri’s parents deserve a chance in court to have the case "reviewed and decided in a timely manner."

"Her parents want to give her a chance. I think of my own daughter. We ought to give her a chance," added Democratic Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota

Rep. Jose Serrano, a New York Democrat who is a veteran of the civil rights movement said courts "should err on the side of giving the family a chance to let her live."

Another liberal Northeastern Democrat, Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts, told the Associated Press the "human side" of the dram inspires his position.

"I felt the position of the parents was particularly compelling. I have a daughter, so I understand how powerful that kind of love is," he said.

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