Laci Peterson’s Stepfather Wants Oregon to Protect Pregnant Woman

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 21, 2005   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Laci Peterson’s Stepfather Wants Oregon to Protect Pregnant Woman

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 21, 2005

Salem, OR ( — Laci Peterson’s stepfather traveled to Oregon Monday to testify in favor of legislation that would make it two crimes to attack a pregnant woman and kill or injure her unborn child.

Ron Grantski testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee and said in a press conference after the hearing, "When somebody takes that grandchild, son or daughter away from you, that’s murder."

"You’ve gotta have justice for both, not just for one," Grantski said.

Opponents of the bill oppose the legislation because they claim recognizing an unborn child as a second victim will undermine abortion rights, even though similar laws have not stopped abortions in dozens of other states.

Grantski said he backs abortion and that the bill has nothing to do with abortion, including having language in the bill ensuring that abortions will not be prosecuted under the law.

Grantski appeared with House Speaker Karen Minnis, who supports the two-victim measure.

Two competing bills are offering radically different approaches to protecting pregnant women who are victims of violence. The other bill supports prosecuting for just one victim.

Pro-life groups support the two victim bill and are pointing to the murder of Kerry Michele Repp as a reason to pass it. Repp was 29 yeard-old and three months pregnant when she was shot and killed last May. Her unborn child also died.

Supporters of Senate Bill 440 and House Bill 220 point to the grief of Repp’s parents, Ron and JoeAnn Johnson, who lost both a daughter and a grandson and say that two victims should be recognized in such cases.

Sen. Jason Atkinson, a Republican, sponsored the Senate version of the two-victim bill and says it has "more teeth" than a one-victim substitute backed by Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown, a Democrat.

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