British Boy Survived Three Failed Abortion Attempts, Now 11 Years Old

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 14, 2005   |   9:00AM   |   London, England

A baby in the U.K. survived three failed abortion attempts and was born alive at 24 weeks into the pregnancy. The baby boy was born at a local hospital after his mother changed her mind about the late-term abortion.

Although the mother had been told at an abortion business that the RU 486 abortion was complete, she felt the baby moving on the way home.

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Only coming to light in 2005, two years after the failed abortions, the baby boy is healthy and is one of the few survivors of an abortion and premature birth to remain alive. His story has been documented recently in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The baby was on a ventilator for seven weeks and fought off life-threatening infections to survive. He had a serious lung disease for the first six months of his life and was finally able to go home after seven months of treatment in the hospital.

Dr. Paul Clarke, one of the report’s authors and the baby’s doctor at Hope Hospital, told the Times, “This mother went through extreme hardship waiting to see if her baby was going to make it. She was told to expect him to die so many times. I am full of admiration for her.”

A report in the London Times says the mother did not realize she was pregnant until 22 weeks into the pregnancy. Already the mother of one, she felt she could not handle caring for a second child.

She was given the dangerous RU 486 abortion drugs over a series of four days at the abortion facility run by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. The abortion drug is not supposed to be used so late in pregnancy.

The abortion business is under investigation by British officials for sending women to Spain for illegal late-term abortions and falsifying medical information.

Dr. Clarke’s article calls for further investigation into the performance of late-term abortions and decries the lack of medical care available at abortion businesses to treat newborns who survive failed abortion attempts.

“Late abortion raises serious practical, ethical and professional concerns,” Clarke wrote. “The dilemma of being telephoned about an infant born showing signs of life following termination of pregnancy is one that many pediatricians have faced. If viable, and resuscitated, those infants who survive may suffer significant illness.”

Millington of the ProLife Alliance said the case “highlights the gross injustice of abortion” because “a healthy baby had to fight for his life whilst doctors tried repeatedly to kill him.”

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