Illinois Pro-Life Advocates Want Wins for President Bush, Alan Keyes

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 18, 2004   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

Illinois Pro-Life Advocates Want Wins for President Bush, Alan Keyes Email this article
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by Maria Gallagher Staff Writer
September 18, 2004 Note: This is the second in a series of articles during September and October covering the 2004 elections state by state.

Springfield, IL ( — Pro-life activists say if President George W. Bush can win the land of Lincoln, he’ll win the White House. They are focused on trying to help the president and Senate candidate Alan Keyes win uphill battles in the largely Democratic state.

"If Bush wins in Illinois, Bush will win the Presidency," Michael L. McGlynn, chairman of the Illinois Federation for Right to Life political action committee, said.

According to McGlynn, Illinois holds a "substantial and decisive" number of electoral college votes among "undecided" states.

Pro-lifers can make the difference if we decide to make the push for Bush," said McGlynn. "If Kerry is elected, all our hard work in the recent past and the foreseeable future will be nullified by Kerry-appointed, pro-abortion federal judges."

But the Oval Office is not the only office on the minds of Illinois’ pro-life voters. Many have been energized by charismatic conservative Alan Keyes’ decision to run against pro-abortion Democratic state legislator Barack Obama in the race for U.S. Senate.

In the minds of some pro-life voters, Keyes represents a dream candidate.

Known as an eloquent speaker, the former State Department official has electrified crowds with his fiery oratory. Keyes has said that abortion represents a breach of the fundamental principles of the public moral code and that partial-birth abortion is horrifically evil.

Keyes supported the federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation that was inspired by an Illinois nurse who discovered that newborn babies were being left to die at a number of hospitals–including the one where she worked. Keyes has said that the fact that Obama, a state senator, cast a vote that would have allowed such “live birth abortions" to continue in Illinois was the deciding factor in his decision to run for the Senate.

In his announcement speech, Keyes said, "When he embraces an extremist position on abortion that countenances even the murder of living young children outside the womb, Barack Obama abandons the principles of our Declaration, and destroys the foundations of our national union."

Both African-Americans, Keyes has chided Obama, for holding the "slaveholder’s" position on abortion — meaning that the abortion industry treats blacks as property that can be disposed.

In addition to his staunch opposition to abortion, Keyes opposes human cloning and would back legislation to ban cloning for both reproduction and scientific experimentation.

Pro-life leaders in Illinois are also hoping to educate voters about the fact that not all Democrats are pro-abortion. For instance, the IFRL PAC has endorsed both pro-life Republicans and pro-life Democrats for Congress, the Illinois Senate, and the Illinois House.

In one featured race, the PAC is endorsing Democratic state Representative William Grunloh, but recognizes that his Republican opponent, David Reis, shares similar views on pro-life issues.

"Our policy has been that when the challenger and incumbent are pro-life, the incumbent should be given the endorsement," IFRL lobbyist Nicholas J. Stojakovich said.

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