Michael Reagan Defends President Reagan’s Pro-Life Legacy at GOP Convention

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 2, 2004   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

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by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
September 2, 2004

New York, NY (LifeNews.com) — On the heels of his brother’s admonition to Democrats to "vote for embryonic stem cell research" this year, Michael Reagan, the adopted son of the late President Ronald Reagan, introduced a video tribute to his father and also implicitly criticized his brother Ron.

"My name is Michael Reagan, and I consider myself the luckiest man in the world," he began. "My mother, father and birth-mother were pro-life and pro-adoption. Because they were, my father made me a Reagan."

"I’ve come to honor my father," he said, "not to politicize his name."

Though he didn’t touch on the subject of embryonic stem cell research, Reagan has previously criticized his brother for promoting the destructive research.

"I disagree with his position on stem cell research and I disagree with how the media has covered it," Michael Reagan said in an interview with NewsMax.com last week.

“The media has been running a disingenuous operation here. Ron makes a statement and the media covers it as if everything in it is factual and doesn’t give you the other side," Reagan said.

"They don’t explain that embryonic stem cells are not being injected into human beings because when they inject them into the lab mice and rats in their studies they’re killing them," Reagan added.

After President Reagan passed away, advocates of embryonic stem cell research piggybacked their message onto his death, saying that such research could benefit others who suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

However, Michael Reagan, a board member of the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation in California, said his father would have opposed the research and paying for it with taxpayer funds. He accused the media of making it seem that wasn’t the case.

"The media continues to report that the Reagan ‘family’ is in favor of [embryonic] stem cell research, when the truth is that two members of the family have been long time foes of this process of manufacturing human beings — my dad, Ronald Reagan during his lifetime, and I," Michael Reagan wrote in an editorial.

"Moreover, using the widely promoted and thoroughly discredited argument that stem cell research can lead to a cure of Alzheimer’s disease, the media and proponents of stem cell research have suggested that had the research been done a long time ago, my dad might have avoided the ordeal he endured," Michael Reagan explained. "This is junk science at its worst."