Austin, Texas Pro-Lifers Continue Boycott to Stop Abortion Facility

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Austin, Texas Pro-Lifers Continue Boycott to Stop Abortion Facility

by Maria Gallagher Staff Writer
July 27, 2004

Austin, TX ( — Some pro-life construction business owners in Austin, Texas, are continuing a boycott that they hope will continue to prevent a new abortion facility from opening up. They note that, if Planned Parenthood cannot find a concrete supplier, the building project will not be completed.

“The word on the street is (that) they are calling outside the Austin area looking for concrete. No takers,” said Chris Danze, leader of a group known as Texas Contractors and Suppliers for Life.

Planned Parenthood wants to build a 25,000 square foot “flagship” abortion facility in Austin. The $6.2 million center would perform abortions and provide other reproductive health services that detractors say are meant to bring teenagers and young women into the facility.

Since Planned Parenthood initially broke ground, the building project has been beset by delays. When the general contractor, Browning Construction, quit in November of last year, Planned Parenthood found it difficult to find a replacement in light of the negative publicity surrounding the project.

“We can stop this project again — for good,” Danze told Austin pro-life activists.

Danze indicated the boycott campaign, launched by contractors who oppose abortion, has been highly effective so far.

“The ‘Choice Project’ will only be completed if Planned Parenthood can find suppliers and subcontractors who are either pro-abortion or ambivalent,” Danze said.

“At present they cannot find concrete to complete the project. All eighteen concrete plants in the Austin area have refused to supply. The project is moving slowly and haphazardly,” Danze added.

However, Planned Parenthood is apparently continuing to pressure concrete suppliers to cooperate with the building project.

A dispatcher with the ABC Concrete Company received a call last week from someone requesting 55 truckloads of concrete for a middle-of-the-night construction project in the vicinity of the planned abortion facility.

The dispatcher then contacted Texas Contractors and Suppliers for Life.

“The TCSL representative told the dispatcher it appeared they were trying to hide the fact the project was the abortion clinic and not to send the concrete,” Danze said. “The ABC dispatcher told the caller, ‘We need the exact address.’ The caller refused to give the exact address and ABC refused to send the concrete.”

Still, despite the boycott, Planned Parenthood officials say they expect the abortion center will be open in the fall.

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