New Virginia Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Near High School

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New Virginia Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Near High School

by Paul Nowak Staff Writer
July 23, 2004

Charlottesville, VA ( — Planned Parenthood is opening a new abortion facility in Virginia, just one mile from a local high school.

Last week, approximately 100 residents gathered at the County Office Building to voice their opposition to a new office run by Planed Parenthood of the Blue Ridge, which will open in Charlottesville.

The office will do first-trimester abortions and will be located near Albemarle High School. There are also two churches in the vicinity, a site where a third church is to be built, and a hundreds of residential units.

A senior at Albermarle told the county board at the hearing that opening the abortion center so close to a school is "sending the wrong message to kids that you can have sex" and have a pregnancy aborted down the street from their school.

"Planned Parenthood’s building of an expansion in Charlottesville, home to the University of Virginia, is no surprise," Brenda Fastabend, President of Virginia Society for Human Life told "Planned Parenthood traditionally sets up business in university and college towns. The fact that the newest facility will also be within walking distance of the high school has further enraged pro-life area citizens."

County supervisors took no action, as a county attorney said that all medical offices are considered "sub-use of professional office."

A speaker called the zoning practice a "bait and switch," a sentiment shared by dozens of attendees wearing "The Use has Changed" stickers.

Fastabend said that Planned Parenthood’s current facility in Charlottesville performs abortions one day a week, and its move to open a larger facility may increase that amount. She quoted David Nova, president and CEO of the local Planned Parenthood affiliate, who after deciding that he Roanoke office would begin performing abortions, told the Roanoke Times & World News it "no longer wanted to refer patients elsewhere."

Planned Parenthood seems to be increasing its business while national abortion statistics are on the decline, noted Fastabend.

"Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading abortion performer and promoter. Although the total annual abortions in the U.S. have declined over the past several years, the nation’s largest abortion provider is performing more abortions than it has ever before recorded," added Fastabend.

"Large new buildings like the one being built in Charlottesville will continue the trend," she explained. "It’s unfortunate that so much of the public still considers Planned Parenthood a’‘family planning’ agency."

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