John Kerry Defends Pro-Abortion Record From President Bush’s Ads

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 16, 2004   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

John Kerry Defends Pro-Abortion Record From President Bush’s Ads

by Steven Ertelt Editor
July 16, 2004

Washington, DC ( — Likely Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is defending his pro-abortion voting record from attacks made by President Bush in new campaign ads. The ads take Kerry to task for voting against parental notification legislation and a bill to protect pregnant women from violent assaults.

The new Bush campaign radio spot says Kerry has missed two-thirds of the votes that have taken place this year in the Senate while he has been out campaigning. But, when Kerry has voted, "it makes you wish he never showed up."

"Kerry voted against parental notification for teenage abortions, taking control away from parents, taking away their right to know," the radio ad says.

But Kerry supports "common sense" parental consent laws, his campaign responds.

"A young woman who becomes pregnant should always be able to turn to loving parents for advice and support," the Kerry campaign said in a statement reacting to the Bush ads. "But John Kerry recognizes that there are any number of situations in which forcing a young woman to obtain a parent’s consent before obtaining an abortion could put her at serious risk of further harm or abuse."

However, parental involvement laws on abortion across the country conform to a Supreme Court ruling requiring judicial bypass. In abuse situations where a teenage girl may not be able to tell her parents about her pregnancy, young women can ask a judge to allow an abortion.

Kerry campaign spokesman, Chad Clanton said, "George Bush promised to unite the country, but this new ad illustrates how he’s divided America like never before … he attacks and misleads."

But pro-life advocates say it is the Kerry campaign that is misleading voters.

While Kerry voted multiple times against parental notification legislation, he voted for an alternative parental involvement bill that would allow adults other than the girl’s parents to be notified about the potential abortion. That takes parents out of the process of protecting their daughters.

"Kerry is telling each parent that your mother-in-law or brother should be allowed to authorize an abortion for your 15-year-old daughter," Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee, told

Despite Kerry’s concern about abuse against teenage girls by their parents, Johnson said "Kerry has voted against parental notification requirements even where the girls are given the option of going to a judge."

Attorneys for abortion businesses frequently provide teenage girls in abuse cases considering abortion with a lawyer who will ask a judge to grant an abortion.

Even then, pro-life groups say the focus is wrongly placed on obtaining an abortion when abortion advocates should spend more time prosecuting abusive parents and placing the teenager in a better home environment.

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