British Pro-Lifers Protest School Where Secret Abortion Occurred

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British Pro-Lifers Protest School Where Secret Abortion Occurred

by Maria Gallagher Staff Writer
June 1, 2004

London, England ( — Pro-life activists demonstrated outside a British school last week to protest the school’s role in covering up a teenager’s secret abortion.

Members of the UK Life League say they object to the actions of a health worker at the school who helped a 14-year-old obtain an abortion without her parents’ knowledge.

The demonstration took place outside the Brunts school in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, where the girl is a student.

"We carried out this action to register our disgust and outrage at the school facilitating the destruction of a 14-year-old’s baby by abortion recently. We also protested about the fact that the young girl’s mother was not even informed about her daughter’s abortion," the UK LifeLeague said in a written statement.

The mother of the girl says her daughter was traumatized by the abortion.

Maureen Smith adds that every mother has a right to be informed if her child is considering abortion, especially given the fact that the mother will have to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy.

School officials say they did not violate any laws in failing to inform the parents about the abortion.

The head teacher of the school issued a statement questioning whether the school gates are an appropriate place for a demonstration. He added that the school would prefer to be "left alone" to concentrate on its task of teaching and learning.

But the UK Life League insists that schools in Great Britain have no business getting involved in abortion.

"We’re absolutely horrified as parents that a 14-year-old girl goes out in the morning to school and returns that evening after having aborted a child, with no advice, no parental knowledge, and we just think it’s completely unacceptable," Jim Dowson of the UK Life League said.

According to the UK Life League, the school demonstration is just the first of a series of protests planned in response to the policy of school-facilitated abortions.

The health worker who arranged the abortion, Claire Chapman, is reportedly in hiding after receiving death threats.

"…When she does reemerge she will be faced with a continuing and determined campaign by the UK Life League to have her dismissed, if not prosecuted, or ideally, both," the UK Life League said in a written statement.

The secret abortion case has received extensive media attention in the UK and generated new concerns about the prevalence of minor abortions.

"It is absolutely scandalous that the staff at the school can be allowed to get away with the abuse of our children and the murder of our grandchildren. Teachers used to have a duty of care and now no child is safe. All schools are crawling with ‘sexperts’ who peddle explicit sex instruction, promote the early sexualization of children and then offer chemical abortions if there are any mistakes," the UK Life League said.

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with Mrs. Smith and all parents who expect their children to be protected rather than physically and emotionally abused. For years we have been insisting that these sexual health workers are a Trojan horse whose main aim is to corrupt young children. Many teachers do not have a clue about the role of these ‘sexperts’ and the evil misinformation they are promoting.

"Parents know what is best for their children not some busybody from the Health Authority," the UK Life League added.

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