John Kerry Campaign Won’t Respond to Destroying Woman’s Abortion Sign

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 18, 2004   |   9:00AM   |   WASHINGTON, DC

John Kerry Campaign Won’t Respond to Destroying Woman’s Abortion Sign

by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 18, 2004

Washington, DC ( — The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has refused to respond to requests for comment as to why a campaign staffer destroyed a woman’s sign at a recent Kerry rally. Kerry saw Rebecca Porter’s sign, saying "My Abortion Hurt Me," and a staffer tore it to shreds only moments after.

In an exclusive story last week, Porter said Kerry was "shocked and surprised" to see her sign. She said a campaign official then took her sign and tore it to pieces. The same staff member destroy a similar sign brought by Porter’s friend Cindy. has made four attempts to obtain comment from the Kerry campaign.

Kerry’s Florida campaign office refused to comment on the situation saying the national headquarters in Washington fields all media calls.

Adam Abram, a press assistant at Kerry’s national office, said he was unable to comment and would have to find a Florida campaign representative to respond to our request for an interview.

When the Kerry campaign failed to call back, spoke with Abram two more times. On both occasions, Abram would not comment and would not provide contact information for a campaign representative who would.

Porter isn’t pleased at the Kerry campaign’s refusal to respond.

"I’m very disappointed that he will not acknowledge what happened at his rally," Porter told

"As a presidential candidate for all the people — including me — I think he should speak to his staff and apologize to Cindy and I for their actions and guarantee that it won’t happen again to other women."

Porter said other women may attend Kerry events to help him understand abortion’s negative impact on women.

"My concern is for other women who may be planning on going to his other rallies. I don’t want them to have their property destroyed either. I want their freedom of speech rights protected," Porter said.

Porter, who is the Florida director of Operation Outcry Silent No More, a group that helps women share how their abortions hurt them, said she si curious to know Kerry’s thoughts about her sign.

"As a supporter of abortion rights, how does he feel about the fact that abortion does hurt many women and men," Porter told "Abortion takes the life of our children and leaves many very wounded individuals."

At the event, Porter made her way to an area where Kerry was shaking hands.

"Then it happened," Porter explains. "He reached up to shake a hand in the back and his eyes went up to my sign. He read it and then he looked into the crowd to see who was holding it — and he looked me directly in the eyes."

"I hope he saw my pain. I was not angry, just pleading with him to understand. You could see the shock and surprise on his face," Porter said.

But within seconds, a Kerry campaign staff member approached Porter and grabbed her sign.

"You can’t have that sign here," the Kerry staffer said.

The sign tore and Porter let go. After he had possession of it, the Kerry staffer "tore it to pieces" and walked away. "He wouldn’t even let me have the pieces," Porter said.